6 Effective Ways to Keep Your MOJO High

Influence of Mojo

What would you define mojo as? Yes, you guessed it right… It is the X-factor that marks the difference between success and failure. It is an indispensable weapon that can be trusted upon for long term and consistent victory. However, this weapon can backfire with an equal or greater intensity if not used well. A high mojo can help you rise high, but a low mojo will cause a steep decline for sure. Here are a few tips that can be useful in keeping your mojo high.

Stay positive:

This is the most important factor. Your current mind-set reflects highly on your behaviour. If you’re stressed or tensed, your behaviour would show signs of irritation and anxiety. You’re then vulnerable in sense of creating a negative perspective about yourself over people you meet and talk to.

Relaxing Activity:

Take out time to do what you like and makes you feel relaxed. Such activities may range anything from hitting the gym or going out for a walk to just listening to the sort of music you enjoy the most. Doing your favourite activity induces the feel good factor within you, which helps elevate your mood and lowers the stress levels.


You must be disciplined to be at your best. When you haven’t had enough rest or have skipped your breakfast, it induces that ‘hit-by-a-truck’ feeling, which simply deviates you from giving your best to anything. A disciplined approach also helps you plan ahead and stay in control of yourself and your surroundings, which in turn significantly boosts your mojo.

Dress Up:

Dress up as per the occasion. When you do so, a feeling of professionalism and confidence subconsciously creeps in. This adds up to the positivity in your image as well as your attitude. Your appearance also has a great influence on the way others perceive you.


Talk to people. Network with people. This gives you a sense of involvement and belonging, which in turn helps you get things done easily, naturally increasing your confidence


Have a vision and believe that it’s possible. Visualize you’re there and see how you feel. When you work towards a goal, a sense of achievement is generated that exponentially increases with the amount you achieve.

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