Adult Stars: Are They Not Humans?

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When Sunny Leone entered as a contestant in Indian Television reality show Big Boss, she garnered huge publicity as a known face from US adult industry and obviously as a known adult star internationally. While some of the female contestants were using the scurvy means to garner attention, Sunny got it because of her background.

Needless to mention she also garnered the attention because of her breathtaking beauty. While the channel took a huge risk, nonetheless the decision was a hit and the show TRPs touched the sky. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision at her end too. However, her decision gave her an excellent platform and the golden chance to change her base completely from an adult star to a Bollywood actor.

Here’s the most obvious question – Was it that easy? Well, never for a woman, considering her background and the fact that she is a woman. She faced scrutiny, low remarks, raised eyebrows, protests from the so called society well-wishers, non-welcoming attitude by co-actors and much more. Many such cases were never registered nor ever told for she chose to maintain graceful silence over some matters. Even after completing a few successful years in Bollywood, she is being continuously scrutinized for her background and her choices to which she boldly maintains that she is proud of her background and has no shame in mentioning it. She has moved ahead in life, happily settled, and hence she shouldn’t be continuously judged by her past.

Well, this story raises a very important question in my mind. Why can’t she or any other adult industry star be treated as a human first and why is it so hard for us to respect someone’s choices. It is an individual decision. The industry isn’t only legalized but also gives employment to millions. No, I’m not promoting the adult industry nor am I discussing about the acceptance of the porn industry. Instead, I’m promoting the rights and choices of an individual who’s earning their livelihood by their individual choice. We will not get into the debate about the good and bad of any industry for no industry has remain unaffected, but I’m sure it is not hard to either develop a supporting or neutral attitude or treat them as equal individuals respecting their work choices. We should avoid the use of callous remarks for if something exits and sells it is because of it’s demand in the market.

In an interview, Shelley Lubben, a famous ex adult star shared her experiences and the dark truths of the adult industry. She explained how everything is never hunky dory even in the glamorous adult industry and the money isn’t easy, otherwise all the adult starts would have turned millionaires. Her experiences motivated her to start the Pink Cross Foundation for extending financial, and transitional support to move out of the adult industry and start a new life. This, in addition to several other similar instances clearly advocate the need for everyone to develop a sensitive side towards the adult stars because they are humans first, and humans shouldn’t be judged by their profession.

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