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Corporate Labyrinth: A Corporate Reality

More often than not, we all come across situations at workplace where things seem to fall in the wrong place, and we wonder what could possibly have caused this dilemma. Our mind engages itself in a relentless effort to come up with absolutely anything we could possibly have done differently to have reached a different outcome. No points for guessing that we can’t go back in time and change what’s already happened, nor can we always successfully circumvent a corporate situation, no matter how many corrective actions readily pop-up in our minds.

Though there are no set rules to combat a particular situation especially in the corporate world, here are a couple of guidelines I feel are particularly effective in creating and maintaining that X-factor which can elevate your status in the organization in more than a few ways.

Treat yourself as a brand:

It is extremely important to think of ourselves as much more than an individual sitting in a cubicle. When you treat and market yourself as a brand, people around also start thinking of you as one. In doing so, you become an entirely exclusive entity with an individual identity. It is notable here that becoming a brand is the goal, and there may be several routes to reach the goal. The path you choose will depend completely on your choices, preferences and comfort.

Have an entrepreneurial mindset:

It is also imperative to have the right mindset in order to succeed. If you treat work as just a responsibility, then you’re leading yourself to achieving just the average results, barely. If you own the work you do, and treat it as something you’re doing for yourself and not for the organization you work for, it all suddenly becomes ridiculously easier. You start getting innovative ideas and the quality of your output increases sharply. In reality, it greatly depends on the way you perceive it all. If you think of it as a responsibility, then you may come up with average results, but if you treat is as a hobby, you’re on your way to a glorious success.

While the aforementioned points are the ones I feel are very important to solve the corporate labyrinth we all may encounter at some point, I realize that these may not be the only ones indispensable to reaching the right solution in every situation. We therefore invite you to comment below and let us know of your opinions, experiences and views on how to effectively counter such situations.

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Parikshit is a writer by heart and passionate about technology consulting and astronomy. Loves to spend time with his family and kids.

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