German Technology: Miles Ahead Into the Future

German Cars
Image Credits: Ecomento

What makes the German auto majors different from their worldwide counterparts? Do they exercise any rocket science while designing those extraordinary and exemplary machines? Not exactly, it is just miniature yet extremely significant technological advancements in their machines which make them stand apart. It is their extremely advanced research capabilities, zeal to invent and craft every other machine better than before, latest design capabilities, highly advanced world class techniques, and definitely a dedicated and trained workforce which makes them stand apart in the crowd of all auto majors around the world.

In an era, when per capita income and affordability are ever-increasing across all countries, and we can see more and more people joining the prestigious listing of world’s richest and powerful dignitaries every year, the desire to own the world’s costliest machine becomes an obvious choice for them.

They have created a successful niche in every consumer segment when it comes to design and delivery of any machine. A very extraordinary, successful and amazing example is booking of 150 luxury Mercedes Benz in a day at Aurangabad. The deal was inked for whopping 65 crores just in a day. This was not enough and the next we saw, once again crafted history in the world of Auto industry. Booking of 101 BMWs within a day and this time deal was inked at 40 crores.

The question remains the same. What stands them apart that even Indian counterparts are yet not attempting with dynamism? It’s indeed the Technology to design, assemble, and create a world class machine. Germans have been a pioneer in many latest auto technologies. It’s their Core. We can discuss a few of them right here. The latest Blue Motion Technology isn’t a single technology. It is a plethora of innovations and technological advancements which not only makes every machine extremely fuel-efficient, environment friendly but also save energy without compromising even a bit on the pleasure of driving. The advanced engine such as powerful TSI and high torque diesel TDI ensures outstanding fuel consumption. It reduces engine cycle time so that there is less emission of CO2 and gradually usage of less fuel. The much modified intelligent technology software installed in engines make them even more fuel-efficient. The BlueMotion Technology is essentially termed as Green Technology ensuring we drive safely keeping in mind the health of our environment at the same time.

Another amusing example is that you can change the color of your car. Sounds impossible right? But yes you can with the latest German Technology: “Changing color of your car” it has become possible. The fully removable color foil coating gives your car a new appearance temporarily. You can keep the original color intact and yet play with the new colors again and again within no time, definitely making your peers jealous as they believe you are having a new machine every time you drive. Now that sound amusing, doesn’t it.

The list is endless when we talk about the technical advancements of Germans in regard to these super machines. They are unstoppable and their contribution in the history of automobile sector is impeccable.

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