Initiative by DM to Salute Martyrs, Encourage Plantation

Soldier Martyr
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Most or all of us grow up with an ambition in mind. Some make it their goal to become a doctor, some an engineer, or an actor. And then there are ones who dream of becoming a soldier. Children who dream of becoming one, are often fantasized by the bravery they possess, or the attention and respect they command. As they grow up, the sense of patriotism takes over and outweighs any fantasy or attraction. Then, the reason to join defense is focused more on protecting the motherland, and act as a strong opposition to anyone trying to breach in and cause harm either to the country or the citizens.

We would all agree that this is one of the most noble professions. It is for them, that we are safe and secure. They spend sleepless nights in some of the most harsh and gruelling conditions, so that we can sleep peacefully in the comforts of our cozy beds. Therefore, we all must respect the work they do and the sacrifices they make for their country, our country.

There have been times, when some of our bravest have fallen in course of their duty, in trying to protect us. The whole country feels the pain whenever that happens, but the shameful truth is that we all forget such incidents after a while, and we move on.

In an attempt to accentuate the importance of remembering and valuing their sacrifice, the District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar, Mr. N.P. Singh, took an initiative, wherein he urges everyone, including government and non-government offices, to light a diya in memory of those who laid their lives in the line of duty. The initiative has been named as “Deep Shrinkhala” which literally means ” A series or chain of Diyas”. The initiative also urges everyone to plant several trees which would help reduce pollution levels and increase the influx of cleaner and healthier air.

The DM sent a formal letter to several organizations who are associated with the government and are involved in several CSR activities, elaborating the whole initiative and also stressing upon the importance of it. As per the letter, Deep Shrinkhala is to be observed at 6:00 PM on the evenings of 25 January and 14 August every year, which are just one day prior to Republic Day and Independence Day respectively. It was observed last year on 14 August as well, and it went on to become a huge source of inspiration for everyone.

I believe this can be our unique way of showing to all, that it will take just One minute… One Nation… One Light to honor our brave heroes.

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