Internet: A Menace or a Boon?

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During the prestigious Femina Miss India 2011 pageant, when asked by current Femina Miss India 2011, in the final question-answer round to name that one technology which has changed our lives over the past decades, her answer was “Internet”. There was a huge round of applause for the answer as well as the logical explanation which she gave to support the same.

Indeed, we all would also agree that Internet has definitely changed our lives. The latest technical advancements have changed the way we work and think. It has turned out to be the most powerful media for information, entertainment, communication, e-commerce, and other services.

There is not an iota of doubt that Google has changed our lives. All the information one implores is available at the fingertips. It is a gift to today’s generation. Undeniably it has become one of the most powerful medium for advertising in today’s epoch of cut-throat competition. The present and the upcoming generations will always be indebted to the “Google guys”, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Every business or medium has now switched to Internet to stay abreast in the today’s fast and competitive era. Books, newspapers, and publishing houses have developed their own websites, international forums, and blogs to reach millions across the globe. Online Shopping has become a very popular practice among masses in today’s era, especially because people have extremely tight schedules. There are popular websites providing customized solutions, home delivery, and some of the best deals making it very effective, easy to use, and popular tool among masses.

Development of effective technologies such as SAP & ERP stimulates the supply chains across industries. With the development of plethora of online share trading websites, Stock market has become a playground for share market enthusiasts as we see billions of deals are carried across the world every day through Internet.

When we are talking about Internet, how can we ignore the famous social media websites. They have indeed become an essential part of our life and are extremely popular among every age-group now. It keeps you connected with your associates around the world but is also now a powerful media to express your opinions, cast votes, and spread across crucial news.

As we say everything comes with a price, and so does Internet. With the progression of this powerful media we can also see increasing rate of crimes such as cyber crimes, online gambling, proliferation of inappropriate sites, illegal hacking transactions of billion dollars of black money, spamming, threat to personal information, and spreading of viruses among others. Internet Addiction disorder is another threat which is gradually developing, especially among the youth who are indulged in excessive usage of internet for surfing, chatting, and other purposes.

Internet addiction disorder is a matter of real concern as it effects the mental health of youth and lead them to criminal and other immoral activities. Since the advantages of Internet are innumerable, a few disadvantages can be kept aside. Though used in wrong way, it can turn havoc and create serious threats.

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