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Negotiation – A Masterful and Indispensable Art



We all love a little negotiation every now and then, especially when it comes to buying or procuring things, and we prefer getting them at lower prices. Most of us would like to think that we limit our negotiation practices to such cases only.

On careful reflection, it can be realized that negotiation is an embedded instinct in each of us, and that we exercise it at all stages of our lives in some form or the other. In fact, we are negotiating at all times, every day, even for the smallest of happenings around us. When you don’t feel like getting up in the morning and you look at the clock to decide whether you can extend bedtime for another half an hour, you’re actually negotiating with yourself. Part of you says you should get up and get ready for your daily activities, while the other part says you can sleep for a while and still manage to be ready on time. At this juncture, your mind is negotiating with itself. Amazing, isn’t it…

Negotiation is also an intricate art and being good at it is an extremely delicate skill. Once you’ve mastered it, the world becomes your playground, literally. You can bank on it to negotiate your way out of most situations, and it also opens you up for the opportunities around you. Significant areas of use range from business, job, friendship and even our families at times. For example, in business, you can strike better deals if you’re able to negotiate well, which would result in better profits and gains. In case of a job the very process of getting hired starts with a lot of negotiation. You negotiate your skills for a higher compensation from your employer and so on.

The point that I am trying to make here, is that negotiation is already a part of our persona, so one doesn’t need to start from the scratch to build it. The only thing we must to do is to further hone it, and then use it for our betterment. For some it comes very naturally, and for others a lot of efforts may be required, but it certainly is an area worth putting all the requisite efforts into, as it would only reap benefits in the longer run.

Here’s a video on Negotiation by Professor Deepak Malhotra that is one of my personal favourites on the subject.

Let us know of your take on negotiation, and share your experiences where your negotiation skills worked wonders for you in the comment box below.

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