Republic Day- A Proud Moment for All Indians

Republic Day India
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India completes its 67 years of Republic Day and celebrates the proud day with huge aplomb and pride with sheer display of strength, courageous acts, and picturesque stunts by our defense daredevils, display of military prowess, achievements by our valiant heroes, and vibrant display of diverse cultures from different Indian states.

Three rounds of applause for the current government for its progressive thinking of providing equal opportunity and respect to lady officers. This amazing change accelerated with last year’s Republic Day celebrations when for the first time in Indian history, a lady officer Commandant Pooja Thakur proudly led the guard of honor for none other than the President of United States Mr. Barack Obama. A simple move inspired millions of Indians to support their daughters to lead an extraordinary life.

In a move to mark this novel event as a modern tradition, the 67th Republic Day witnessed many women officers leading their contingent representing their areas of expertise. The crowd warmly welcomed and cheered the 147 NCC women cadets. While every year Army soldiers stun us with their breathtaking stunts on bikes, this year for the first time ever an all women stunt contingent named “Women Daredevils CRPF” comprising 120 women bravehearts too performed the amazing bike stunts.

After a long gap of 26 years, the “Loyal Squad” aka Indian Army dogs found their well-deserving place in the Republic Day celebrations. The 36 loyal, brave, and well-trained Labradors and German Shepherds marched down Rajpath and garnered lot of attention and respect from the enthusiastic spectators.

Since the Modi government has come into power, we have seen a lot of welcoming changes which has been timely displayed representing his long-term vision and progressive thinking. One such display at the Republic Day celebration was the participation of a foreign army contingent. The 35th Infantry Regiment of 7th Armoured Brigade of the French Army marched down the Rajpath along with the Indian Army in presence of French President François Hollande, the honorable chief guest at the event. Though they aren’t the first, they are the only one to receive this token of honor from India.

The organizers ensured they learnt lessons from their past mistakes during Obama’s visit last year, when the President and his wife Michelle Obama were seen using umbrellas to save themselves from the drizzle during the event. This time it was ensured that the entire VVIP enclosure was covered with glass to ensure safety and security from weather and any other exigencies. The entire capital was turned into a fortress with state of the art security measures at every nook and corner of the city. Commandos were deployed with light machine guns at ten tactical locations in the capital to combat any emergency.

The vibrant celebrations were beautifully wrapped-up by fly pasts and stunts by jaguars, MIG 29s and Sukhois of the Indian Air force presenting a small glimpse of their might and pride. These are displays that makes us feel prouder as a part of our strong and valiant nation. JAI HIND!

Here’s a short video showing the most unique part of this year’s Republic Day Celebration, the French Army Contingent’s march.

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