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3 Types of People to Avoid at Workplace

Avoidable People
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We meet new people every day and make new connections/relations. Some of them are forgotten in a matter of hours and while some are retained for a lifetime. Although choosing an ideal company largely depends on personal preferences, here are three kinds of people who clearly don’t fit the bill.

The Haters:

These are people who may or may not have the courage or the will to do great things themselves, but what they certainly have is the dislike towards others doing it. They focus more on criticizing what someone else has achieved rather than working on their own strengths. Such people don’t bother crossing the line of decency and professionalism if they find an opportunity to deface or demean someone else.

The Grouchy Ones:

Yes, you guessed it right. These are people who seem to have engulfed the habit of complaining as one of their significant personality traits. They are profound procrastinators and can complain about anything and everything, usually in a feeble attempt to substitute for their incompetence. They are a significantly huge source of negativity, and are not in any sense, an ideal company.

The Fake Ones:

These are possibly the most dangerous ones. They may seem like friends but are foes in disguise. It is not unusual for them to have a very pleasant and welcoming persona but they don’t usually fail on capitalizing on an opportunity to backstab, or gain leverage over someone using their trust as the weapon. Any information revealed to them may come back as a huge punch in the face with devastating after-effects. Definitely avoidable unless absolutely impossible to do so.

You must have met your share of such people too. Comment below and let us know of more such kinds of people that you feel are definitely dodge worthy.

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