Three Ways Fatherhood Changes You


There can be no debate over the fact that becoming a father is one of the best feelings in the world. When you see those little movements and expressions for the first time, you feel both stronger and weaker at the same time. There are many things that fatherhood transforms within and around you. Here are three such things I feel quickly transform when you become a father, sometimes even without you realizing they did.

Heightened Patience:

Pretty much automatically there is a significant rise in your patience level. You now have increased tolerance for any discomfort caused to you, which may have easily vexed you earlier. You are more forgiving, calm and focussed. There comes a sense of fulfilment and you start seeing the world in an entirely different way.


Somewhere inside you, the feeling of responsibility and accountability multiplies, making you more determined to achieve your goals. You want to get the best of everything for your child, which makes you much more perseverant than you could ever have imagined of becoming in the past. You know that your primary focus has now become to fulfil the needs of your child and become a strong pillar that can support the child’s present and future requirements.


For the first time, you gain fair cognizance of the efforts and sacrifices your parents must have made for you, as you’re now ready to make for your child. You gain the maturity and understanding that is imperative to provide the best upbringing, which you obviously intend to. You now know, that most of the time when you argued with your parents, they were probably right. You gain what can be termed as ‘true wisdom’.

Undoubtedly, there are innumerable more changes that are spontaneously induced by fatherhood and it certainly varies from individual to individual. Comment below and let us know of other changes that you feel occurred within you or someone you know.

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Parikshit Nath

Parikshit is a writer by heart and passionate about technology consulting and astronomy. Loves to spend time with his family and kids.

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