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Crop Insurance
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Not even a month ago, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the entrepreneurs and our nation to discover innovative cold storage methods that would help save tons of groceries like vegetables, pulses, and ration from getting perished at the launch of Start Up India, Stand Up India initiative in New Delhi. In his speech, he stressed upon the need for effective food maintenance system in order to avoid undue inflation of food items and also protect the profits of farmers.

Within a very impressive turnaround time, the central government took the first step towards this initiative, by launching the modified Crop Insurance Scheme to safeguard the interests and lives of crores of farmers, who often face consequences that force to commit suicide. PM Modi discussed about the recently launched Crop Insurance scheme in his 16th Mann Ki Baat episode on Sunday.

The PM said, In our country, a lot is said about farmers. I don’t want to get involved in that debate. But farmers face a major crisis. In natural calamity, their entire effort goes waste. His one year goes waste. And to safeguard his interest, only one thing comes to my mind and that is crop insurance. 

He said due to lack of awareness farmers have been devoid from the benefits of this scheme and requested the support of public for spreading the awareness so that at least 50% farmers register for this scheme in two years. Counting on the benefits of this scheme, PM Modi said that the use of technology has made this scheme easily accessible and even if the crop faces any issue within 15 days of harvest immediate help is assured by the government. Other benefits include speedy recovery of reimbursement.  To reach the wider network the rate of interest has been kept as low as 2% for Kharif crop and 1.5% for Rabi crop. The remaining premium will be covered by the state and central governments in lieu of supporting the farmers. However, the new provision will cause an additional burden of 3000-7500 crore on the government.

While states like UP, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Kerala have already implemented and benefitted from this scheme, other states like Punjab and Haryana are yet to catch up. The scheme will cover farmers from calamities like hailstorms, rainstorms, inundation, and landslides. A total of eleven general insurance companies are empanelled under the Crop General Insurance scheme for providing support to the farmers. The complete information is available on Farmer’s portal (, a website maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture by the central government of India.

We sure hope and believe that this scheme will reduce the hardships faced and eventual suicides of our farmers and bring a ray of positive hope in the lives of the millions of farmers, who are feeding billions of their brothers and sisters every year.



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