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Facebook Expands “Like” to “Reactions”

Facebook Like

The “Like” button on the social media giant Facebook is amongst the most liked and used feature by Facebook users. According to an article by Bloomberg Business, the 1.6 billion users of Facebook click the iconic like button 6 billion times a day. For users, the Like button is not just about liking a post, but it is also about recognizing, supporting, and appreciating anything posted by other users on your timeline. Till September last year, there was a huge speculation that the “Dislike” button may finally be introduced, to support the dislike sentiment of the users, and also because some users have been asking for it right from the start. However, Mark Zuckerberg has clarified that Facebook never considered adding the Dislike button, as it is clearly a feeling of negativity, and may lead to community disharmony.

Continuing his vision of connecting the world on a single platform, Facebook may soon introduce, “Facebook Reactions”. This will enable the users to respond to any post on Facebook with something beyond a simple Like. At the moment, there are six additional options, which are, Anger, Wow, Yay, Love, Sad, and Haha including like. These newly proposed reactions are the most-common comments on Facebook posts in general. The need for this feature was realized from the very basic fact that everything that is posted, isn’t something to be liked. For example, matters which include death, disaster, natural calamity or any other form of sorrowful happenings, isn’t a matter to like, and hence the users need additional reactions to express their true emotions about a particular post and it’s contents.

This feature is still in its early phase and no release date has been officially announced by Facebook yet. The tests are already going on in many countries like Japan, Philippines, Spain, and Ireland etc. It is also speculated that the user news feeds will have distinct counts and records for each type of reactions. This feature will provide a wider freedom of expression to Facebook users and may prove to be a boon to marketers posting ads on Facebook as well, since they will have a clearer reaction of users towards their products.

If the users simply press the iconic Like button long enough or hover over the Like button (depending upon the device being used), the additional Facebook reactions will appear and they can then simply choose their reaction for the posts. Though there hasn’t been any concrete declaration from Facebook as of yet, post shares on the subject have already registered an upsurge in the market. Users too, are eagerly waiting to use this amazing new feature.

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