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Making a passport has always been considered a very tiresome task to accomplish, in light of the umpteen steps that need to be followed to get it. In fact, most people don’t usually bother creating a passport, unless they know they’ll need it in the near future, just because the process is not entirely easy, and people don’t find it worth the effort until such time that it becomes absolutely necessary for them. Therefore, it truly is a triumphant moment when you are finally holding your passport for the first time, as that is when all your efforts have finally paid out.

There are people who have made it their profession to help you get your passport, of course for a fee. The main idea behind the business is to rid you off the hassles and pain that you may experience, if you plan to go ahead with the process yourself. This pretty much gives you an idea as to how tedious it really is. Not anymore though… In a series of tweets last week, the External Affairs Minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj announced the newly reformed policies regarding creation of passports.


As is clear from the above tweets, all you must do is submit your application with copies of your Aadhar, Voter ID and Pan Card, along with an affidavit which says that you don’t have a criminal case registered against your name, and that should be enough to get you your passport. The police verification and other procedures will follow.

Apparently, the whole process is now going to be extremely easy, given that you would receive your passport within a week, and the police verification would happen only after you’ve received your passport. Until now, there are two different paths you can follow to get your passport. People who are not in a hurry to get their passports, can follow the normal procedure, in which case, their passports would usually reach them in a couple of months or more. For those who require their passports urgently, a “Tatkal” service is available, wherein your passport is made available in a matter of days. However, with the introduction of this new process, it’s all going to become very simple. One week is truly a very decent timeline for creation of a document, that holds such significant importance.

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