Unboxing Bali: My Honeymoon Getaway – Part 5/7

Tanah Lot-scenic beauty

Day Five:

Our itinerary for the fifth day of the honeymoon was packed. The day had quite a lot to offer. But as usual, Mr. Perfect was unable to wake up on time (I woke up five minutes earlier to him 😛 :P). Mr. Kadek was asked to report at the reception sharp at 10 A.M. and it was already 9:50. We hurriedly freshen up and took a few fruits along for breakfast and set up for our first destination – Goa Gajah or The Elephant Cave, an archaeological site of historical importance.

Goa Gajah , Bali Honeymoon

Located around six kilometers out of Ubud, we reached somewhere around 11:45 am. We quickly got our entry tickets along with which we got a waist sash that is mandatory for all to wear. A unique stone carved fountain caught our attention beneath which people were bathing. We were told that it carries religious value. We then reached the cave entrance which had a giant face with its mouth wide open. Inside the cave was a stone depicting our very own Lord Ganesha and two shiv-lings of Lord Shiva. After clicking loads of pictures, we started for our next destination – Tanat Lot Temple.

We halted to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, relaxed for a while and ordered some food. I had an appetizing vegetarian meal – rice and curry served hot with spicy green chutney which was observed jealously and hungrily by Mr. Perfect who had thought of trying something new and ordered a disaster (lobster which had some sticky liquid smelling a bit weird :eeks:). He was highly mistaken to have thought that I would share my meal with him since I hadn’t forgotten the numerous occasions when I was left to savor salads while he had God-knows what not. Eventually, his puppy face melted my heart and I ended up ordering vegetarian curry for him as well. (I didn’t share mine :P, it was far too delicious to let the wifey in me win).

Tanah Lot, Bali

Around 5 P.M. we reached Tanah lot, one of Bali’s most important landmarks, famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of a rock amidst constantly crashing waves. Unfortunately due to the high tides, we were unable to cross the water to reach the shrine. It was immensely crowded as the best sunset was about to unfold itself before our very eyes. Many tourists flocked the beach to capture this breathtaking view in their cameras. The chirpy me couldn’t resist the waters and quickly got close to the beach and got clicked from all angles as usual. Mr. Perfect was literally forced to join me in the waters on the pretext of my losing balance (:P :P). His brand new Adidas shoes were all drenched for which all I got was a stare since even he couldn’t resist the fun that we were having. Can anything be more magical and entrancing than the view that was unraveling before our eyes – nature’s beauty at its pinnacle. Hands in hands, we walked along the beach and crafted such long lasting memories which we are forever gonna cherish.

Once we were done admiring the panoramic view, we explored the local market offering all sort of handicrafts items, souvenirs and eatables. We ate the best delicacy – palm sugar-filled gelatinous balls rolled in grated coconut. It was far too yummy to have enough of it. (Sorry folks but I cannot recall the Balinese name of the dish 🙁 )

We then rode back to the hotel and called it a day resting besides our very own private pool.

Revisit the beautiful memories enlisted in my previous leafs 1,2 ,3 and 4 and eagerly looking forward to share the sixth one soon!

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  • What a beautiful day you spent….however, the glutton in you won over good wifey :p
    Stay blessed you both and enjoy innumerable lovely sunrises and sunsets hand in hand.

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