Unboxing Bali: My Honeymoon Getaway – Part 7/7

Bali airport

Day seven:

We checked out from the hotel after complimenting the staff for their commendable hospitality. Our honeymoon turned out to be a surreal experience and will always remain as one of my fondest memories. On reaching the airport, we thanked Mr. Kadek for his engaging, warm and friendly behavior and promised to remain in touch via emails. This smiling chap made sure that our trip indeed became memorable. We quickly got our boarding pass and decided to check out the airport. It was such a happening place to be. So many brands (Gucci, Versace, Mac, Hidesign, Nautica etc (I was going ga-ga over them :P) along with umpteen eating outlets serving palatable dishes (making Mr. Perfect feel hungry all over again!).

There was this large teddy bear (even bigger than you-joked Mr. Perfect 🙁 ) which cutely said “Sit wherever your heart desires!!”. So many girls were cueing around in order to get a click. The kid in me was prodding to get a snap with the furry bear. Mr. Perfect unwittingly quoted that he got the teddy arranged for my sake. I told him to carry my gift on the flight itself to which he said that he wants to leave it here as our memoir :P.

On the Malaysian Airport, we encountered a chocolate shop “M&M” selling discrete chocolates through their staff who just knew two words: “Buy Chocolates”; other than that nothing was understood. We bought a few for our relatives back home and for us, of course.

On the return flight from Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi, all the alluring memories were making me feel nostalgic. I was revisiting them back and forth via pictures and videos taken during this fabulous trip.

Beach, Bali

Everything was so incredible and marvelous about this trip – our awesomely looking Hotel Risata, exquisite Barong Dance performance, panorama of the semi active Volcano – Mount Batur, exquisite coffee plantation serving Luwak Coffee, water sports at Benoa beach, shopping at Fashion street, magnificent Bali Dream Villa giving us the experience of private pools with forest feel, relaxing sunset dinner cruise with the phenomenal view, Bali’s landmark-Goa Gajah and Tanah Lot where nature’s beauty unraveled before our naked eyes, our adventurous bike ride, innumerable restaurant serving Bali’s divine dishes and most importantly, the best company I could have ever asked for.

With the man of my dream besides me, I explored a phenomenal place called BALI – an island which enchants and seduces with a rich culture, natural beauty and a unique charm – sun, sand, shopping and immaculate tropical grandeur, all served up with a high dose of luxury and indulgence. Quite an intoxicating mix for romance and relaxation!

We bade good bye to this amazingly beautiful country and closed our tour diary with a shayari:

Bali is a place of water and stream,

Visiting it was always a dream,

Love and romance was in the air,

The girl’s skirt was full of flare,

The beauty unfolded beneath the sky,

The water and the trees all stood high,

Come back it always says,

A place where nature stays.

Hope you guys had as much fun reading the diary as I had in writing it. In case, you happen to directly jump to Page 7, don’t forget to unleash the previous leafs(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of my wonderful journey to explore the exquisite place where Nature Stays.

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  • Reading the last bit gave me the feeling as if my trip also came to an end.
    The entire series is written so well dat it kept me glued and made me crave for some more… Kudos to you girl, keep up the gud work😘😘😘😘

  • Reading the last part…gave me a feeling as if my trip also came to an end.
    The entire series is written so well dat it kept me glued and made me crave for some more… Kudos to u girl 😄😄😄

  • Hi Amrita. You have great flair for writing. I loved all the parts of unboxing Bali and loved it to the core. Please come up with more stuff like this

  • Oh! Alas this trip and the beautiful blog ended. 🙁 … I so wished it never did. Anyways, I wish you and your Mr Perfect, a lifelong of honeymoon period.

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