Unboxing Bali: My Honeymoon Getaway – Part 3/7

Batik Handicraft, Bali honeymoon

Day Three:

After a luscious breakfast at the hotel, we left for Benoa for some water sports. We were offered Parasailing, Banana boat ride and Jet Ski as complimentary to honeymoon couples. The sand at the shore was too hot to handle. We were literally hopping like caterpillars. All the shafts were full of adventurous people who were way too excited to showcase their intrepid daredevil skills. Similarly, the daring in my Mr. Perfect was out of bounds.

Parasailing, Benoa, Bali (Honeymoon)

We actually negotiated with the agent over there (literally bribed him of getting more customers from India in return for a good discount but he out-smarted us saying that all tourists say the same and hardly ever return favours :P) and ended up doing Banana boat ride, Jet ski, couple Parasailing and Sea walking (me being a non-swimmer deprived Mr. Perfect of Scuba diving which I compensated with a quick peck on his cheeks). The entire experience was out of this world and the major highlight turned out to be ’Sea Walking’ wherein we actually walked over the sea bed with the help of railings while feeding live fishes that pinched us way too excitedly in return (aah).

The crazy aching rats in our stomach reminded us that it was already half past one and we were supposed to reach our designated restaurant for lunch. The place was full of honeymoon couples and a few foreign tourists. Mr. Perfect quickly binged upon the numerous non-vegetarian dishes whereas I was left to search for something in vegetarian. After eating random stuff and a ‘not so milk wali coffee’, the ever smiling waitress (seems people are too happy over here J) bade us good bye but not before literally pressurizing us to take some memoirs. On my way back I was left wondering that Bali is offering two most important things in abundance – Roti and Kapda (food and clothing). You can discover innumerable outlets for sea food and other Asian cuisines and the clothing sense it offers is just unbeatable – so vibrant, dressy, pristine yet so simple and comfortable.

By four, we were back at the hotel where Mr. Kadek was waiting to take us for any gal’s best time pass – Shopping. There I was exposed to a new world altogether. We were taken to a Batik handicraft museum where the women were painting over cloth with hot wax. It was quite artistic and we were happy to buy a few handicraft artifacts for our relatives back home.

A few minutes later, we were there at a Fashion street which offers you a wide range of trendy clothing, fast food outlets, souvenir items like key rings, t-shirts, caps etc. and almost everything that you need during vacations. Mr. Perfect accompanied me to various shops and we ended up buying caps, hats , shirts, wood-carven artwork, miniature Balinese masked fridge magnets which thoroughly checked our bargaining skills (Indian gals are unbeatable at it – something that we inherit from our mothers for sure, luv u mumma <3).

Discovery Shopping Mall, Bali honeymoon

I was already a bit pissed off with Mr. Perfect after catching him glued to FTV models nearby a hotel by FTV. He was given an opportunity to redeem his faults when he was taken to Discovery Shopping Mall located in Badung, Kuta which sports major International brands apart from its Spa facilities and fast food outlets. After paying for all the expensive shopping and promising that this mistake would never be repeated, we started back to the hotel and called it a day with an ultra-romantic pool side dinner and champagne.

Hopefully you haven’t missed out on Part 1 and Part 2, incase you have, redeem yourself!

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