Unboxing Bali: My Honeymoon Getaway – Part 2/7

Barong Dance, Bali

Day Two:

The day started with our darn alarm clock waking us up at 7:00 A.M. After a hearty breakfast, we were joined by Mr. Kadek with his ever smiling face and customary question ”How was your breakfast?”. My usual reaction: sarcastic look to Mr. Perfect (sic).

Our journey began with the exquisite Barong Dance performance at Batubulan, a tribal historic dance of Indonesia signifying the eternal fight between good and the evil. It turned out to be a fascinating way of enacting mythology, resulting in myth and history being blended into reality. It was indeed an excellent performance by the artists who displayed exemplary work through their eyes, attire and gestures even though the language was foreign to us. We were enchanted by the musicians who were the heart and soul of the entire act.

Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bali

Once the dance performance was over, we were escorted to Kintamani to enjoy the panorama of the semi active Volcano – Mount Batur which stood majestically over the beautiful Batur Lake. The road trip to the volcano was mesmerizing. It was drizzling a bit which added to the already breathtaking scenic view before us. We reached Mount Batur and explored the semi-active volcano. I still remember Mr. Perfect iterated that it can erupt anytime (God forbid-Yes I was sacred 😛 recalling the movie ‘Volcano’ starring Tommy Lee Jones). It was eternal and serene-deadly nature at its beautiful best.


Coffee Plantation , Bali

On our way back, we took halt at a famous Coffee plantation where they cultivate, clean, roast and ground coffee to savor the world with the finest of coffees. We came to know of the world’s most expensive coffee, a speciality of Bali, – The Luwak Coffee; prepared by the beans that have been eaten by the civet cat, not-really-digested (:P), then pooped out, collected, cleaned, roasted and grounded. We aptly named it “Poo poo waali coffee” (:D). I wasn’t too keen on tasting it but was convinced beyond my wits by the over-zealous cultivator who offered it for free along with 12 other variants – Ginger, Ginseng, Rosella are few of the ones I can remember. All turned out to be equally amazing though! We strolled through the entire plantation to witness coffee plants, raw beans, dried beans, the roasting process, grounding arena and the packing space. We tried our hands in roasting and grounding as well. It was next to impossible to resist the tempting aroma so we ended up buying quite a few of them (excluding the famous Luwak coffee – my mother and mother-in-law would have surely killed me if I ever served them with a coffee prepared with the poo of an animal :P)

The day ended with a long ride back to Risata wherein me and my Mr. Perfect had a romantic dinner and retired to our room for some solace.

By the way, here’s the Part One of the series in case you missed it! Stay tuned for more.

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