15 things to keep in mind for a happy-go-lucky travel


If travelling is your passion, this article shall serve you better. It will tutor you to have an exhilarating encounter altogether whether you are embarking for an adventurous trip or a study tour or on a work permit. For fanatical travelers like us, the experience bestows altogether a new admiration for culture, life and humanity for the fellow beings.

When you begin your journey, you must have already drafted a must-do list in your busy head – the museum, the local train, that must-see-all casino and that island off the coast! However, in our excitement, what we overlook are the basic things that every traveler should be mindful of, to craft an exemplary memory and get a broader perspective on life. Through our article, I have tried to enlist a few things which can second your thought of travelling around the globe as a carefree traveler:

Prior Visa/Visa on arrival is the primary thing to start with. Make sure that your visa conditions are explicitly met since lately there have been cases where people have been denied visa on arrival on account of nationality, personal items etc.

Be aware of local laws so that your ignorance doesn’t land you in trouble. Spitting (common in India) could actually land you behind bars.

Do a proper background check of your place of accommodation and for a better personalized cultural experience, you can avail services like AirBnb. Hotels with constant movement of people will not only give you a chance to interact with other fellow travelers but also ensure safety.

Get the passport and other documents stored online for all time access and leave a copy of the same along with the local address and contact details with someone at home for any situation of emergency.

Verify whether your local telecom carrier will provide you international plans and arrange accordingly. Generally, you can avail services like WIFI, paid phones etc. to remain connected.

Pack an extension charger/travel adapter suiting to different sockets.

Learn the native language to have a seamless communication with the locals.

Be appreciative and respectful of the culture and traditions to gel better and have a lifetime experience.

Remain connected with your embassy. It can provide you immediate safety in case of any political turmoil or any terrorist attacks (not unlikely right!).

Pack appropriate medicines and supplements since they may not be easily available due to stringent drug regulations.

Travel light! Yes, if you want to explore this beautiful world without a baggage, make sure you travel with minimum stuff and who is stopping you to hit the local market for a shopping spell. Get hold of the local stuff as a souvenir.

Rather than carrying those heavy road maps, peruse google map to navigate your way in the new country. Just make sure you have your power bank or portable charger handy.

No need of carrying huge amount of currency as the global banking network allows you to transact through your debit/credit cards and ATMs. Don’t fall into the honey-trap of local money ex-changers.

Travel insurance may seem to be an uphill and unnecessary task but it actually encompasses a safety net when things go awry like a medical emergency or stolen baggage.

For all veggies out there, carry some instant cooking food with you or some Mom-made snacks to beat that craving for a sumptuous buffet. You may experience paucity of veggies amongst the abundance of non vegetarian stuff. Having said that, make sure you check out different restaurants ranging from local diners to high-end ones where the experience can be intimidating and  do try out the local dishes without fail.

Just pay heed to these suggestions and get ready for another invigorating trip. The amazing people, the locales, the food, the lessons are waiting to unfold. Happy Travelling!

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Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.

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