Conquer fear: Let it not tell us what we cannot do!

Conquer fear

Just decipher what we would be able to achieve if we knew we couldn’t fail. Most people overlook or never acknowledge the enormous potential that they inherit. I believe we all have caliber and the grandeur deep within us from the time we opened our eyes to see this beautiful world. However, somewhere along the way and the older and wiser we get, we let fear completely engulf and deprive us of the realization of just how competent and worthy we really are.

This is of utmost importance because some of the most dexterous and skillful people in the world never get that amazing idea off the ground; write their first book that they always wanted to pen down, set up their own business, or do something incredible with their life, all because of fear. We tend to always have huge goals and then utter to ourselves doubting the very capability, “You can’t do that. You are still inexperienced or you lack resources or simply there is too much risk involved.” Occurrence of these dubious thoughts is quite natural when you set huge goals for yourself, goals that will make you grow as an individual, goals which carry high stake and will modify your current way of thinking.

Just understand that such feelings of fear are not a sign of your frailty. Fear strikes everyone, even those who have achieved prominence or done something majestic. However, what must not happen is to let these negative feelings prevent you from taking collaborative action and rob you of the urge of moving ahead. Unfortunately, most people fall in this vicious circle of self criticism and antagonism.

If you want to explore your full potential in life and climb the ladder of success, you have to conquer your fears and take action anyway! Fear urges you to stall and remain still. Fear and commonness go hand in hand. Don’t let them defeat you like they have defeated so many. Show them your metal!

If you read the autobiography of some of the humongous achievers, they will tell you they faced immense fear of failure and uncertainty when they began to implement on their brilliant ideas. What they didn’t do is stop. They didn’t let the fear or thought of failure subjugate their minds.

So, the next time fear strikes, just let it go. The more you ponder about your fears and insecurities, the more it start to define and enslave you.  Always remember, even Impossible says” I-am-possible”. You were born to be an achiever, so don’t let fear surmount and vanquish you! Anything and everything is possible with sheer hard work, patience, perseverance and the right attitude. Let fear fear you!

Want to have a Sprite: “ Darr ke aage jeet hai!”

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Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.

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