Daily hassles of a Metro traveller

Metro hassled commuters

Are you from Delhi or NCR area? Then you must be having an inkling of what is about to unfold in the next few paragraphs. Yes, I am about to recapitulate the struggle, vexation and fuss borne by metro commuters on a daily basis.

Think about travelling to Ghaziabad from Gurgaon and I can easily envisage sweat drops on your temple! Well, it’s not your high blood pressure but the duress that the Delhi traffic imposes on you. It would take around two and a half hours to cover those 60 kms on a normal day whereas on an unfortunate day (which transpires quite often!), it may take up to 3-4 hours as well. Now you have three options –

• Either take a metro (Beware, you would have to juggle between multiple transports)
• Get an Ola/Uber (Be ready to shell atleast Rs. 1000/-)
• Try your luck by your own car (Be prepared for immense honking and other repercussions!)

It’s hard to even reckon the plight of those commuters who ferry between Noida and Gurgaon on a daily basis to earn a livelihood. God bless their mighty soul! It is arduous to comprehend the gush you see at peak hours at all metro stations – especially Rajiv Chowk. Tussles and brawls are a regular feature for them. And yes, you have to be an opportunist – grab the seat as quickly as possible. It appears as if a tsunami of people is ready to prowl on you. On a visit to Mayur Vihar where my once beloved sister (Distance has actually brought distance between us) resides, I was literally unable to de-board the metro due to the hordes of the incoming and outgoing passengers. Even, a little child got injured and bled profusely. People brazenly feigned ignorance and no one cared a damn about it. His mother was left horrified. I actually trembled at that point and since then have avoided taking metros during rush hours. But the daily commuters do not enjoy this luxury.

No one can deny that metro is a boon in disguise. The maximum fare is Rs. 26 for which aggregators like Ola and Uber rake in big bucks. Now what is the remedy? I think the people’s perception should change and strict vigilance should be administered. What is the scurry guys – a Metro appears every two to three minutes. Exhibit some patience. Secondly, add more personnel at busy stations to repudiate the ambush that rush hours see. Thirdly, each metro compartment has two gates – one can be used for inflow and other for outflow of passengers. Fourthly, for people travelling with luggage, a special compartment should be put in order to avoid inconvenience to fellow passengers. Fifth, trouble mongers should be severely dealt with. Lack of effective law enforcement is a big predicament in our country.

Everyone should remember that life is of paramount importance. Your work is not going to bring back your life or of others. Savor the benefit of this benevolent mode of commutation. It is for your convenience. Without it, life would seem incomprehensible and implausible. So, just swipe in your metro card and enjoy a tranquilized and peaceful journey with no holes ducked in your pocket!

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