Is this feeling – Love?


I know this is one of those convoluted questions that any person supposedly in love has to deal with.

Is this mere infatuation or is this real love? Is this sheer attraction or there is something to dig deeper into? Is he/she the one that I am born and waiting for or he/she just enriches my experience? Should I hold on to her or should I let her go?

Handsome guys and beautiful ladies out there, let us examine this pretty simple yet most sought after question to comprehend this wonderful emotion called LOVE.

“LOVE is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is a weapon available with all but only a lucky few decipher the way to unfold it. Love completes one and inculcates a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

Believe me, you are in love if the mere thought of that person brings a smile to your face, her companionship makes you feel complete, her touch gives you goose-bumps, her smile electrifies your body, her eyes seem to be the ocean where you want to dive into, her arms are the garland which you never wanna take-off, even her non-sensical talks can be the most sought after conversation and you just long to catch a glimpse of her. Dare not wait for the filmi signals – hearing violins, waiting for confirmation till the last rose petal (doesn’t it sound so uncanny in real world!), to envisage your love for her! Don’t let your heart skip a beat just by her killer body but by the enticing heart that it carries. The looks may fade away with time but the inner beauty that she possesses will be eternal and yours forever.

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And girls stop being finical about your guy, give him the space! Just because he’s admiring some other chick, doesn’t proclaim him a cheater. Even if he’s fully happy and contented to be with you, he may like to admire the beauty that the God has created! So, let them be. Maintain your dignity and let him be a free bird. The more the trust, the stronger your relationship would be. Don’t keep on judging their every move. They are human after all. And why to be so circumspect about your choice? Spend more time together, get an insight into their thinking, their behavioral aspects, create alluring memories to cherish for a lifetime and explore this wonderful journey called life.

There is a fine line between possessiveness and obsessiveness! Be former, avoid latter. Who doesn’t enjoy a little jealousy of their beloved, but do not breach on their inner space. Stop nagging around when he’s conversing with a female colleague, do not check his phone (I know its damn tempting, but trust me it doesn’t help!) and that filmy trick-stop looking for lipstick on his shirt. It could be yours too (damn your washing machine!) Be jealous but not a psychopath lover like Urmila in “Pyaar tune kya kiya”. It will only drift him away from you.

Remember, love is eternal, boundless and immortal. It’s a bliss. Not everyone is lucky enough to encounter it. Life won’t be a bed of roses but love can be the vital ingredient to make it fulfilling and worth living. It will empower and enrich you to face any challenges that this world throws at you.

Thus, decipher your true calling for love and go get your soulmate!

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Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.


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