Pain is temporary, Pride is forever

Pain, Pride and Honor

As I write about Ananya, I am sure we will come a little closer to her. After completing her MBA from an eminent University, Ananya was working on a befitting​ position with a Private Sector Bank. Her conventional day comprised​ of a simple routine, heading to work in the morning and back to home at the end of the day. Weekends were little interesting with friends and family. Everything was perfect for her!

But her karma had written a different story. It was in July 2015 that she had to taste a bitter pill. When acquainted​ by the doctor that she had a weak spine and need to go on complete bed rest for a minimum of 3 months, her heart skipped a beat. What is he saying? Is he serious? Infinite questions flooded her mind and the answer to all of them contradicted her expectations. Helplessly, she decided to abide by the doctors with the belief that with appropriate medication and rest, she will be fit and fine within the next 3 months. But wait a minute, was this so uncomplicated? No. Destiny wanted to further assess her patience.

After a month her condition deteriorated, now the only solution was to undergo a surgery. Ananya could not believe that this was actually happening with her. She was aghast, frightened and moreover furious with God. Why was he doing this to her? What was her fault? Why her? No one could answer her naive questions but her parents assured her that there’s no need to worry, as she is in the best hands. She heard the siren of the ambulance, it was time. All her fears came to life. It was the day of surgery, she could see anxiety on the faces of her family members. Her uncle came to her and said, “Beta don’t be scared, if God has put you in this situation, then he is the one who will take you out of this, just​ have faith in him. He will take care of everything”. “Yes”, Ananya thought, “I know God’s there for me”. She smiled and waved to her family, operation theatre was awaiting her.

A long pavement let to the OT, a commodious room with bulky monstrous equipments​ connected with elongated​ wires, surgical lights, numerous sounds, a team of qualified doctors and of course the operation table. The doctor asked, “Ananya why is your pulse rate so high?” She thought… “Isn’t it obvious doc, I don’t have much experience of visiting the operation theatre.” While she was lost in her own thoughts something was injected in her vain. She woke up after six hours of deep sleep, breathing into an oxygen mask with immense pain in her back. It felt as if she was asleep on a sharp object, she pleaded the doctors to remove it but no one heard. Soon she was shifted to the ICU, to keep her under observation and proper care. Her parents came rushing to see her. Her mother was crying, her father was tensed​. Precisely, no parents can see their child in pain. After saying encouraging words to their daughter, they left since visitors were not allowed in the ICU. The ICU seemed like a scary place with lots of cranky patients, strict nurses, weird smell of medicines, blinking monitors giving some signals which was difficult for a banking professional like Ananya to decode. She couldn’t sleep the entire night, little credit goes to the pain in her back and rest to the uneasiness of being left lonely in the ICU. Hours passed by, she inquired about the time, dawn it was. After a while she saw her dad coming, he touched her forehead with love and told her that she will be shifted to the private room within few minutes. Ahhhh! Sigh of relief. Eight long days in the hospital and finally she was home.

Ananya’s testing time was not over yet. Sleepless, painful and teary nights were ready to embrace her. Knowing that it would take countless months for her complete recovery, she could feel hope slipping from her hands. One day she noticed that her father had more grey hair than before, her mother’s eyes were more tired & puffy, her sister’s career was at stake and she knew that this was certainly because of her. Her parents did every possible thing for her well-being, be it medically, spiritually, charitably, emotionally or even superstitiously. That day she promised herself that she will come out of this illness not for herself but for the sake of her parents and sister, who love her unconditionally​ and has made umpteen sacrifices for her. This was the only way she could repay her parents, for giving her life not once, but twice. Gradually she started to recuperate with the blessings of the Almighty, her parents, family, friends and well wishers. One of her friend once gave her a mantra, “Pain is temporary, Pride is forever”.

“Pain may last for a day, a month, a year or even longer but it is temporary and eventually subsides, what lasts is pride and honor.” – Excerpt from a quote by Lance Armstrong

There is still a long road for her but despite of loosing a lot of things, Ananya has learned to live against all odds, to fly without wings, to smile in every situation and to be proud of herself.

About the author

Garima Agarwal

Garima is a CA, you may address her as a Chartered Accountant or Cartoon Artist, as you may please. She has a keen interest in drawing and painting. Recently, another feather of writing is added to her passion cap.


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