A superstar’s meloncholic journey to Oblivion!


The news of yester-years’ superstar Vinod Khanna being hospitalized in a suburban Mumbai hospital suffering from rumored cancer moved many hearts and somewhere also raised a question. The question being that why do people from the evergreen, effervescent and lively entertainment industry exhibit the same result. The examples of legendary Parveen Babi, Rajesh Khanna, Jiah Khan, Pratyusha Banerjee, Kuldeep Randhawa are a few who somehow got lost in the herd and witnessed a deplorable end to their illustrious career and lives.

These highly acclaimed dignitaries won accolades and were household names, then, what forced them to solitude and desolation? A reason could be their addiction to name, fame and money which encompassed them at the peak of their careers. But as we all know that careers in entertainment industry has a short shelf life; beauty doesn’t compliment you forever, constant and fierce competition always keeps you on edge, sense of insecurity, susceptibility to a lavish lifestyle, constant media glare, lack of a regular source of income, easy accessibility to substance abuse, physical and mental exploitation are a few muddles that these personalities face towards the end of their career. The artificial façade that these superstars portray eventually ruptures and renders them meek and vulnerable. The problem isn’t limited to only Bollywood. There have been superstars in Hollywood as well like Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson etc. who also met the similar fate. It unveils that the problem is deep rooted and profound.

But does turning to alcohol, drugs or solitude a solution at all? No! According to psychologists, loneliness trails success. There are hardly people around you when you need them the most. Back biters and sycophants flee the moment they sense a vanquishing and toppling prey. So, a coherent advice to the people who are willing to join this industry or infact any industry – remain grounded, augment your skills, maintain constant contact with your family and well wishers, don’t fall into honey traps of ill-rotten people, stay away from substance abuse and chronic alcoholism, always have a back up option to fall upon and the most important thing-self belief and aplomb. Always remember, grass on the other side is not actually always green! So, climb the ladder of success and spread happiness but not at the cost of your personal well-being. Here, wishing our beloved superstar Mr. Vinod Khanna a speedy recovery and lots of best wishes.

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