The tale of a next-door housewife!


Nancy, like any other housewife, had just finished her routine morning chores and was about to relax sipping her morning tea when her husband Harish called from office. It was unusual. He hardly calls her once he’s in office (isn’t it ironical that he used to call her ten times during courtship period!). She received the call and heard, ”Darling, a few friends of mine would accompany me for lunch. I know I am bothering you but you know how things are in offices. Ok, don’t take much pain, just cook two gravy dishes, two parched ones, raita, salad, tandoori roti and kheer. I want to show my friends how blessed I am to have you in my life. See you love!”. She was taken aback. It was already eleven-thirty and she was hardly left with two hours. She started and toiled hard to prepare everything. There, her mother in law was gabbling, ”These girls of today think so high of themselves. We used to prepare so many stuffs in little time without any mechanical support”. She remained silent and dressed up for the impromptu get together.

Her husband came along with five of his office colleagues. They all chatted, laughed and enjoyed the sumptuous lunch. Everyone appreciated it big time except for her own husband who was annoyed over the missing Raita. Yes, she forgot in hurry. All hell broke loose when he returned home in the evening.

All her efforts were overlooked and disregarded but for one “raita”. He chided her saying, ”You made me a subject of laughter in office. I had boasted before my friends that my wife cooks the best vegetable raita and you couldn’t even prepare it. What do you do the entire day-sitting idle, watching television and gossiping over the phone. I asked you to do one damn stuff and you couldn’t even do it properly. You housewives have such easy life; no slogging in office, no work pressure, air-conditioned rooms, no monetary tensions”. She snapped. “Harish, you are forgetting that I was working in the same office as you were before our marriage. It was you who forced me to quit. I was even ready to work from home and still you had issues with that. I had never imagined that the guy I had loved once would be so unsure of me and my skills to ever let me out of the house alone. You have lost all regards for me. If you think managing house is that simple, just do it for a day. Even I used to think the same way about my mother and other housewives but after stepping in their shoes, I can feel that what metal they are made of. They work 24*7 but aren’t exactly paid, they are the busiest on holidays, they don’t get any holidays, people like you and me disregard them as worthless, incapable and good for nothing. Managing the house, taking care of the monthly budget, fulfilling everyone’s needs all seem so simple to your ears but would actually bring sweat on your forehead. So, if this all seems like a cakewalk, you can take care of our home while I toil hard in the office. Believe me, I would love and respect you the same way as I do now.” She ran out of the room weeping while Harish went to sleep silently. Her mother in law who was about to chide her for raising her voice on her husband also kept mum. Who could deny the facts that she had just now stated. At least not a woman!

She ranged her mother and said weeping inconsolably, ”I love you maa and I miss u”.

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Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.


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