Are you worthy of a desk job?

Stress free desk job
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Yes, you heard it right! Desk jobs are in! Mind you, it is indeed tough to do such an uphill task. Reaching office at the prescribed time, waiting for morning tea, admiring the wall clock innumerable times as if prompting it to strike one i.e. lunch time, gobbling the delectable food and again staring at the clock indicating it with beseeching eyes to freeze, earnestly expecting the post lunch tea, gossiping with colleagues, enjoying the evening tea and then finally exploring the pending files – yes… yes… I am about to start! Going through random files and chalking out a plan for the next day! Who cares!

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See, your brain is constantly at work. Crafting plans for peacefully passing the normal timings and then heading home for a relaxed evening with family and friends. If you are someone who likes to innovate, meticulously plan and implement, proactive at his work, pioneer attitude and a inquisitive worker, then you would be rejected for sure. Desk job is highly skillful task. Not everyone is efficient enough to qualify for this mammoth project.

For a successful application to a desk job, a few of the following qualities are needed:

• Ability to repeatedly perform routine task
• Skill to dodge changes
• Be a people pleaser for a secured job
• Insight to curb the bacteria of concoction i.e. trying out something new
• Willingness to remain dormany during working hours
• Proactiveness at procrastinating work
• Complacency
• Urge of killing time leisurely

In case you possess at least five of these skills, you are eligible to apply for the desk job else you can try your luck somewhere else! India is fortuitous in this regard. We have desk-jobbers in plenty. Handful rebellious few either flee the country to try out their ludicrous idea of inventing something or bang their heads against this prevalent norm. Now let us delve into the reasons as to how India is able to produce so many of such kind:

The primary raging factor is our education system. It’s so attune to our needs. Kids are taught to blindly follow  and cram what is written in the books and strictly told not to meddle with the teachers by asking absurd and vague questions. We are told to emphasize on securing good grades and not fiddle with enhancement of our knowledge. This small yet effective trick inculcates this highly infectious habit in our youth. God bless our education system!

Fixed source of income: Desk-jobs ensure you a regular source of income. Who doesn’t want job security! Inventors, artists, vocational artists can never attain this.

Social Status: Mr. Mishra will always keep on pondering about the income of his artist son. What if he fails? The entire society will make mockery of him for allowing his IIT son to take up this vocation.

Marriage prospects: Looking for a suitable groom for your daughter? Startup guy, freelancer, vocational artists, risk takers-stay away. Desk job gets you pretty spouses.

So, guys and girls, let not your good-self be affected by these inventors, artists, think-out-of-box kind of people. Stay secure, peaceful and relax while enjoying your stress free desk job!

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