10 strenuous challenges you face on moving to a new city

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Moving to a new city could be taxing and unnerving. You may be exploring a new city on account of marriage, job search or just a quick interview. It is actually an arduous task to leave behind the comfort of your home, your city, the soothing company of your near and dear ones to find yourself in a completely divergent grueling environment. But, such is life and life is to be loved and lived at all cost.

Here are the few things that you come across while labeled as a ‘brand-new novice’ in town:

1. Bewildered mornings: The first mornings could be really disorienting. Almost everyone takes time to come to terms with this sudden change. You feel isolated and perplexed on losing that comfort of your own bed and belongings. No one can make up for that good night sleep in your own bed in your shorts!

2. Accent: Trust me people will try to judge you hastily through our accent as if they are some linguistic professional. The more words you utter, the more people will try to disdain you if at all you are a Bihari! Irritating isn’t it?

3. That feeling of being lost: It’s the most common obstacle in getting adjusted in the city. There is this constant fear of getting lost. Only trust that God-sent Google Maps and no one else. Many people have this vexatious habit of sending people on the incorrect path for what fun only God knows.

4. Kitchen woes: For all girls and ladies out there, I know you have already comprehended what is about to be spoken. Mumma’s kitchen was never missed this badly. All the spices added together never taste that sumptuous that it used to be. Suddenly, all the grocery seems expensive and perishable in no time. Trust me, khichdi would be the most sought after dish in a while.

5. House-hold items: The luxury of buying household items in the air conditioned malls with the ease of your car would be snatched away from you. Life would throw new challenges when the clothes would be piled up with no detergent powder or no milk in the house when you are craving for that one cup of tea. But, need not worry, online stores are there to help you out with their online services.

6. Unpacking saga: This saga could be the most irksome task. You will get the lifetime opportunity to flex your brain muscles remembering “which bag it was packed in?” Packing and unpacking are the world’s most exasperating task when all the cartoons look similar and you have to almost unpack them all to get that one damn thing!

7. Feeling of dejectedness: Don’t worry if you feel those sudden pangs of panic and you cowardly think of fleeing to the Himalayas leaving all material behind. But, don’t you think there also you would have to find your way out? So, chill. This phase will pass soon and you will start loving this new city of yours.

8. Finding a home away from home: The biggest challenge is to locate a place to live that satisfies all basic amenities without burning a hole in your pocket. Your landlord may treat you as if he’s parting with his child and his do’s and don’t list is bound to be unsettling and daunting. The task of finding a home away from your once cherished home is heart breaking and involves lots of exhaustion, money and compromise.

9. Local transportation: Transportation can be a horror yet to unfold. There may be places with somewhat identical names. Make sure you give the full name otherwise you may find urself in some other planet all together. The fares would depend on the level of confidence you exuberate in front of the driver! Be a poser and don’t let him know that you are new to the city.

10. Yearning for near and dear ones: This is one thing that cannot be put in words. Every new comer can relate to what does it feel like in the absence of their loved ones. The lack of that warmth and benevolence will leave you feeling flustered and unsettled.

Though moving to a new city seem an uphill task, but no one can deny the adventure and fun in exploring a new city full of enormous opportunities. So, just exhibit a bit of patience and perseverance and in no time, the new city will be all yours and the people would be as receptive of you as you are of them!

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