7 easy tricks to instantly feel confident


How many times have we heard of this phrase, ‘Confidence is the key to success’. But is it that easy to feel confident especially in an extremely turmoil situation. Confidence is basically the belief that one has in oneself. It is all in the mind. So, all we need is to brain storm the stupid mind and bring it in our dominance. Let it not wander away towards negativity; instead feed it on optimism and that feel good factor.

Even the so called confident person may feel screwed up and vulnerable in a precarious incorrigible situation. These unwanted circumstances arrive every now and then to bother us. Then why shouldn’t we arm ourselves with some simple remedies to keep all the fears at bay and emerge tranquil and victorious.

Here are some simple, science backed tricks which can keep all your blues at bay. All it needs is willingness and awareness. Let’s start:

1. Always dress like a diva: Passe are the days when people used to say that it is your character that speaks. It is the 21st century now. People only live and breathe brands. Wear a Gucci or Versace or even a local article which perfectly suits you and see the confidence that you radiate. Just remember to give your mirror a quick peck for showing the most pretty girl / most handsome guy in reflection.

2. Always smell good: Even Deepika Padukone would be so undesirable in a superbly hot dress if she smells awful. Girls and boys, perfumes and body mists are your best investment (ignore my being a Chartered Accountant!). Apply your favourite cologne before leaving home and get ready to rock the world. Just ensure that you don’t actually bath with it. Excess of everything is bad! Even chewing gum is a must have for people with mouth odour. Be kiss ready always.

3. Carry that lucky object: Every person is superstitious, though people don’t want to accept it. Even legends like Sachin Tendulkar wears his left pad first. So who are we to disagree. Carry that ancient watch or that rugged top or that inner wear, just do whatever makes you instantly feel safe and powerful.

4. Strike a power pose: Remember the school days when our teachers used to shout for sitting with an arched backbone. That was actually wrong. Always keep your chin high, your back straight and get ready to roll with a cute smile. Even researchers say that adopting body language of powerful people may spill magic on your confidence level.

5. Remember God: Well, atheists can ignore this one. But the remaining folks, try it out. Coming from personal experience, Gayatri Mantra at the time of an interview or any high pressure situation, instantly calms you down and magically makes you feel serene and mighty. I recently came across a post from a follower of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, where a person with slight speech disorder actually forgot about his shortcoming the very moment he was told by Sri Sri ji that he is with him. It’s our persona to feel safe and immune in the shadows of our almighty.

6. Carry that power diary: Power diary is not out of powerpuff girls. It is a collection of the most compelling moments that you have lived and experienced so far. You need not be an author to pen down everything like a prose. Just write it in short sentences and believe me, not only those moments will bring that feel good factor but will immediately boost your morale and self confidence.

7. Loud music: Loud music can come handy when you want to de-cluster your mind. It detaches your sub-conscious mind from the chain of thoughts and breaks the monotony. You might want to hear some heavy bass music before a job interview or a meeting. It will instantly make you less conscious. Enter the place with elan because who knows in the next interview, you may be sitting on the other side of the table.

Just try out these small tricks and do leave a comment that how did they help you. The author can be reached at Wishing you all a happy and confident life. Rock the world!

About the author

Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.


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