Depression – Don’t let the silent killer breed on you!


Depression is a serious mental condition. Due to the stigma attached to it, people inconspicuously suffer through it making it all the more incurable. If a person seems aloof, self loathing, meek, constantly angry or irritable, avoids public interaction, avoids eye contact, any word of solace makes him bursts out of tears, experiences hopelessness and despair, the person has invariably been clutched by this serious ailment. Neither does anyone knows why it happens nor it could be cured overnight by giving them a tablet, an ointment or a balm to rejuvenate their desire to look forward to life again.

Depression is a tough lonely battle especially for people who either are ignorant of being suffering from it or doesn’t seek professional help due to the fear of being judged as mentally unstable. But, as per recent surveys conducted all around the world, depression is the third most common disease after diabetes and obesity. So, don’t shy away from being treated.

It always helps that the sufferer knows that he has someone to look up to, someone to confide into without being judged. Just take note of these easy steps and support your friends come out of it:

Just be with them. Don’t force them to confide in you right away. Let them take their own sweet time. Silence could connect you both on higher level. Sometimes, all a person needs is companionship.

No one wants to get trapped in this menace. So, don’t try to create a discord by continuously telling them to ‘come out of it’. They never wanted to get there in the first place. Just give them enough confidence to realize that they are born valiant and will eventually emerge a winner.

If the person doesn’t want to seek professional help, don’t force him out-rightly. Convince them gently by stating they are not the only victims. There are many more out there who are fighting with it and did win too. You can also research for online helps without actually visiting a doctor in person.

Empathy can be of great help at this time. There cannot be a bigger let down than pitying on a person. It drives the person away from you.

Act rationally. Remind them of all the good times that you guys have shared together and how the person was always someone you looked up to. Help them regain their self worth and confidence back.

Pestering them with incessant calls and texts is a strict no-no. A person suffering from depression may want to be left alone. Just allow them the time to get things back in shape all by themselves with the understatement” You are always there”

Make the person feel so comfortable with you that he confides all his negative feelings with you. A depressed person may come across suicidal tendencies. Keep a tab on them and make sure that if their condition has worsened, all potential hazardous objects are kept away from them.  Make them realize the love and compassion people genuinely have for them and how shattered they would be in their absence.

A depressed person may even lose the zeal to get out of bed, leave alone home. Make sure they indulge in some productive activity to vent their negativity. Nothing can be more pacifying than nature’s solace accompanied with light soothing music.

Encourage the person to rekindle any hobby that interests them. Hobbies are great stress relievers that make a person feel revitalized and ecstatic. Meditation can come in handy. It’s effects are phenomenal.

Therefore, lets help the society and our near and dear ones to overcome this menace called depression and do our bit to eradicate this silent killer by spreading laughter, benevolence and happiness. Always remember, life is short. Don’t waste it in trivial issues! Someone is up there capable enough to handle everything! Just exuberate happiness and let it infect others as well!

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Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.

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  • This article is very well written and very informative.Useful for everyone ‘cos every person suffers with depression sometime in life.

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