Do friends have benefits?


Well, isn’t it an intriguing question? We all have friends but some friends are special than others, friends you can not live without. They are like the treasure trove you can not afford to part from. They are like that extended family without whom your presence seems inconspicuous. Those jokes, late night chats, pajama parties, movies, gossips, fun brought us even closer than our own siblings. Since friends are our own choice, they are somewhat like us. Similar thoughts, mind-boggling humor, likes and dislikes carves an eternal bond. Let us see what best friends help us out with –

Share secrets: Those dark secrets which are distressing you since long can be naturally vomited before your best friend without the fear of being judged. Even, he may be your partner in crime from then on-wards.

Discuss crushes: This is one thing that we die to share with our best friends. That one girl or boy who has taken over our heart and we are too eager to share it with them, get suggestions and list of dos and donts for the way ahead.

Career moves: You may be head in heels perplexed over your next career move but a sensible friend may show you the right direction or a similar minded friend may console you that you are not the only one sailing through the same boat. It always feel good that you are not the only loser!

Chilling after college/office: There cannot be a better stress buster than hanging out with your friend for a cup of coffee or beer and bantering that boorish employer/professor. Believe me, you would end up feeling light.

Cover ups: Thinking of a way out to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend? You can always tell your mom and dad that you are going to meet your best friend and you will instantly get their nod. Just make sure, your best friend carries a good reputation in your home 😛

Shopping: Gals, I know those numerous trips you made to nearby shopping malls with your bestie just flashed in your mind! That longing for apparels which you cannot buy or try with your parents and your best friend would accompany you through numerous trips to the trial rooms to click a picture with one of them on.

Gossips: Those gossip sessions are unforgettable. Those long discussions about someone’s flashy dress, their rude behavior, their vague makeup and you are out there to reiterate it scene by scene before your bestie. She won’t only join you in mockery but also gives you new reasons to laugh your gut out.

Breakup Party: Confided in your bestie about your breakup? Now sit back and relax. He must be planning a party for you on getting rid of that creep from your life or just check up with your ex about his well being!

Memorable journeys: Journeys can never be more interesting than with your friends. Fun would be unlimited and the freedom you get from the constant glare of your parents is a big relief. You can do whacky stuff and no one would be there to keep a check on you.

Just reminded of good old days with your bestie? He’s just a call away! Get him back for best friends are hard to find and harder to retain. So, everyone out there, cheers for your best friend!

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