Mothers: Our wonder women


Mothers are the God’s supreme creation. She is the one who bore that unbearable pain and showed us the light of the day. She is one who un-grudgingly toil throughout the day to handle all the responsibilities bestowed upon her. Her love for her progenies is unparalleled. Rudyard Kipling has so aptly quoted, “God could not be every where, and therefore he made mothers”.

The hard-working mother of this 21st century adorns so many hats, which must inspire the next generation to recognize their unprecedented value. Unfortunately for our mothers, often the commitments to work, family and a social life end up to be a tough battle. But one thing that no one can take away from these supermoms, regardless of the type of career they profess and the type of parenting they bestow, is our moms imbibe and radiate the selfless love and we should embrace the positive message they nurtured us with.

The Working Mom

These are high-powered career mothers who has put commendable effort into their professional development and are exceptionally articulate in their work. She is an asset to her company and an exemplary figure to those around her for the value she brings on board, especially to her children who grow up seeing what a strong, serene, and successful woman looks like and can attain. And despite sometimes being inundated with guilt and societal pressure that she doesn’t spend enough time with her children, she knows in her heart that she is doing exactly what she is supposed to do, as her children actually benefit from having a strong career mom. She is more than capable of handling all of her responsibilities of work and personal life with great aplomb. She depicts her family that as long as you put your mind and heart to something and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort, you can accomplish anything. Such mother displays to her children that passion, drive, dedication, and project management are key skills that they will require for their lives.

Mothers like Sushwa Swaraj, Chanda Kochchar, Arundhati Bhattacharya and to all working mothers out there, you all are an inspiration to us! For us women, nothing is impossible!

The Stay-At-Home Mom

If anyone thinks that they aren’t working hard all day long, then they don’t know anything about what being a stay-at-home mom entails. They are often deprived of their righteous due to the vague mentality that being at home is the world’s most unworthy job. They are forced to falsely underestimate themselves that they are just not capable enough. She is the one who gave up her career aspiration for the sake of her family and puts others before herself. She is the one for whom her family is of utmost priority. Dedicating your time and energy to the education, health, and happiness of your loved one is a herculean task as it demands lots of sacrifices and patience. She manages the entire household so that the man of the house is mentally at ease. Her children is her life and she can go to any extent to love and comfort them. She enjoys the growth of her child, his first smile, his first word, his first step as her laurels.

Our Moms are super women who benevolently love us to the core without anticipating anything in return. Their love and devotion can never be compared or measured. Its priceless.

For all adoring mothers out there, we are so so lucky to have you. The warmth and comfort that you reflect is the only blanket we want to wrap ourselves into.

Mumma, thanks for being the best mom, unconditional lover, true supporter, big time motivator and nurturing us so beautifully to conquer this big world.

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Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.

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