Shah Rukh Khan: Another facet to stardom

Shah Rukh Khan

The 17 minute long video of our luminary Shah Rukh Khan on ‘Ted Talks’ turned out to be amazingly inspiring and rekindled the long association we had with our once blue eyed superstar. We all know him as the ultimate Lover Boy, the Man of Dreams of every female Millennial, the suave ‘Rahul’ of nineties and the Mr. Faithful to his beautiful wife Gauri.

The man has delivered some classical pieces in his 3 decades long career, starting young with a tele series ’Fauji’ and then catapulted into a menacing villain in Anjaam and Darr , finally surging as the most romantic person on earth with his whimsical movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dil To Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mohabbatein, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum and the list goes on and on. But as every morning is followed by darkness, SRK was no exception. With the current influx of talented young stars and not so wise movie choices that he recently made, SRK in his late forties was slowly written off.

Controversies that never touched him during stardom flooded him big time. From his frisking fiasco in the US, his supposed affair with Priyanka Chopra, his son’s alleged viral sex video, his numerous tweets on the political system, his IPL ground controversy were not in good taste. Though the question remains, isn’t he a mortal being? Isn’t he a human who has all the rights that an Indian enjoys’? The freedom to speech and expression’ and the opportunity to redeem himself if he commits a mistake? But the dismal truth is ‘The bigger persona you develop, the higher criticism you evoke’. Your personal life is like an open book for others to unleash and scribble upon.

Now, with this video, SRK has re-surfaced and re-emerged in style. His video talks about his journey from being an ordinary Delhite into one of the greatest superstars that India has ever produced. His powerful delivery at one of the most inspiring stage provides an insight into fame, humanity and love. His constant comparison of his success, downfall and numerous controversies with the humanity quotient in people is thought provoking. It raises a question as to the invasion into the private life of these superstars and the cost that their family pays for their eminence. His humour adds freshness to his austere punch and lightens the moment.

The man that stole heart of infinite Indian girls is back with another powerful jargon. His short speech is thought provoking, poignant and actually moves you. You feel sorry and agitated at the level people stoop to gain acclaim. His robust punches blended with a pinch of humour rattles you deep down. His calmness is unnerving. His confession about his downfall from the zenith of stardom is dejecting and meloncholic.

The recipient of highest honour of France, the name which he still cannot spell, is still our favourite due to the humility and genuineness that he exhibits. SRK, we still love you and every girl from the nineties cannot stop swooning over their cool Rahul ”Naam to suna hi hoga”!

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