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#MyShoppingJournal: Kamla Nagar

Kamla Nagar

My journey in Kamla Nagar market started off young when, as a kid, my parents took me there for all kinds of shopping: from school supplies to course books, ethnic wear to casual comfortable clothes, Kamla Nagar was and still is Eden for shoppers. Bursting with both national and international brands, this market is a melting pot for all your casual and ethnic needs.

Situated next to University of Delhi, Kamla Nagar’s primary consumers are students that flood into the market for their shopping and food needs. If you are shopping on a student’s budget, you would find plenty street vendors selling books, jewelry, clothes, shoes, making it a bargainer’s paradise. You can buy decent quality tops for Rs. 200-300. If you are brand conscious, this market is filled with popular brands ranging from AND, Levis, Global Desi to Sabhyata, and Meena Bazaar. From your basic everyday junk jewelry to heavy ethnic oriented, all your jewelry needs can be gratified here. If you want to get yourself pierced from experienced hands, you can visit ‘Jewellery Hut’ at Maharaja Agrasan Marg and ‘Adarsh’ at Jawahar Nagar. For bibliophiles and students, Bungalow Road is overpowered with book vendors and shops. Many of them are also willing to buy your old books back at a lower cost (pro tip: make sure you maintain the condition of the book well! No one will buy back a damaged product).

It doesn’t mean that this market only caters to one single age group or type. Here, you would find local shops, established and flourishing for years, catering to all age and class. This place offers one package deal for those shopping for weddings and in corners of its streets, you would find Mehendi-Walas creating art on the hands of their customers. You will also find fabric shops which, most of the time, are overcrowded because of their high quality. Established in 2014, Spark Mall has gathered its own fan following for its international brands and amazing food court.

Unlike CP and Paharganj, you won’t find many tourists here thus making it more a traditional market for the locals. However, if you are visiting Delhi, Kamla Nagar would serve you right for your shopping needs. Sunday’s are considered to be one of the busiest days so try to avoid taking your own car.

Off Days: Monday

How to Reach: E-Rickshaw from Vishvidhyalaya Metro Station

What To Take: Your shopping buddy and an hungry appetite for bargaining!

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A qualified Tea-Rex and psychologist by profession, Palak is an avid reader, and in closet Bhangra lover. She loves to doodle her poetry. Through her writing, she is trying to find meaning of both routine and adventure that our life is.

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