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Father Daughter Relationship

The relationship between a daughter and her father is, perhaps, the most cogent, purest and virtuous bond that can ever develop. In fact, a father is the first man in a girl’s life. Her experience with her father has a great significance on the way she views and approaches life. Usually, our Dads are very protective, solicitous and caring about their beloved daughters. This unsaid revelry emanates from the moment the daughter is born. All the macho-ism takes a back seat when a man experiences an astonishingly tender feeling called fatherhood.

Which girl doesn’t want a guy in her life who is a mirror reflection of her first love – her father! In fact, we all take pride when people tell us that we are a carbon copy of our father. After all, he’s the person who shoulders the responsibility of illustriously raising a daughter and makes numerous silent, coverted sacrifices in a land where female infanticide is a chronic issue.

My father has been my biggest strength. How I wish I would have inherited his patience, wisdom and decency but one part that stuck firmly was his fat nose :P. I so hope I don’t inherit his baldness! When I think about what I absolutely idolize about my father, I always go back to the words of wisdom that he selflessly offers to anyone seeking his advice. Papa has a commendable way of eliciting the best in everyone and his outwardly insouciant attitude towards children accomplishing their dreams is heartening.

He nonchalantly brought up three daughters in India and always encouraged us to pursue our dreams. He always made sure that we never depend on a man. The real gift my father gave me was confidence and self belief. Even my scooty wants to thank him for forcing me to take her out after a long span of three years. 🙂

Whenever, I fell low on confidence, he lovingly pat my back reaffirming that he’s always with me.

Whenever, I was broken or shattered, he took up and darned all the pieces beautifully.

Whenever, I stuttered, he reminded me to have faith in myself and how people look up to me in spite of all my flaws.

Whenever, I was complacent, he made sure I was brought back to my senses through his unforgettable gesture (he knows what I am referring to!).

Whenever discussions happened about marrying off his three girls, he proudly retorted that we were his assets and not liability.

Whenever, I lost passion in life or my career, he was back with his words of wisdom and opened plethora of options, leaving for me all new world to explore.

So, on this occasion of Father’s Day, I want to let the world know how special you are to me and how blessed I am to have the perfect Father in the world. And yes, this is the apt stage to let your other daughters know that I am your all time favorite. 🙂

Girls, take out time to spend with your adoring father, no matter how occupied you are. Let him know what he means to you.

It would be great if you guys can leave a comment on how are you planning to make this Father’s day all so special for him!

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