World Environment Day 2017 – Connecting People to Nature


One of the most important global events, World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th of every year since its first campaign held in 1974. Every year, with excessive over-consumption of environmental resources and crimes against wildlife, the need to raise awareness for emerging issues is necessary to have a sustainable and healthy future. This year’s event is hosted by Canada and the theme is ‘Connecting People to Nature’ which implores global citizens to step out of their gated and shelled buildings out in the nature and reconnect with its beauty. Nature is more than a luxury trip you take to get out of your corporate routine. What surrounds us lives and this day encourages us to rethink our position in the so called hierarchical model. We are neither on the top nor on the bottom but co-exist along with the fierce lions, gentle trees, roaring oceans and magnificent mountains.

Our environment has given us more than we can return and instead of protecting it, we are taking its life out. In ancient texts, praises of India’s greenery, diverse wildlife and sparkling ocean is painted such our heart sway. But the reality of 2017 is crippled by air, noise and water pollution, and our never going habit of littering. One of the fastest growing in the world, as a developing nation we have a long way to go to improve our environmental quality of life. As a dutiful citizen and member of the same thriving eco-system, you can do your small part each day.

Here is what you can do:

1. Plant a Tree: Gather bunch of your friends and make a habit of planting a tree. It doesn’t have to be an everyday habit but something you can do once or twice in a year.

2. Do not Litter: We need to leave our attitude of treating our surroundings as garbage bins. You can carry a disposable bag in order to collect wastage and then throw it when you come across a garbage bin.

3. Car-pooling is Fun: If more car-pooling and public transportation options are used, both noise and air pollution will decrease. The lesser traffic is an added advantage!

4. Know your Waste: Observe everyday your environmental lifestyle. Do you forget to switch off the lights when you go out of the room? Do you let the water run while you are busy brushing your teeth? Make a note of it and start practicing habits that are eco-friendly. Conservation of our resources is a step we all can take.

For a sustainable world to thrive in, we have to accept that environmental issues are a global liability and not a single individual’s doing. We all are contributing to the problem and it is on us to become part of the solution. After all, the good old Earth is the only planet we have.

About the author

Palak Uppal

A qualified Tea-Rex and psychologist by profession, Palak is an avid reader, and in closet Bhangra lover. She loves to doodle her poetry. Through her writing, she is trying to find meaning of both routine and adventure that our life is.

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