The clock is ticking, live before you die!


Rajesh Khanna had so aptly said in classic blockbuster Anand, ”Babu Moshai zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi”. How have we disregarded life in the daily hustles and tussles of life is agonizing. We have become sort of machines who toil the entire day and are usually out of battery at night.

Guys, it’s time to check that we don’t waste our life! You get life only once, cherish it. Your near and dear once gone won’t be around, this scenic weather if gone cannot be brought back, moments if passed will be remorsed throughout your life. So, craft beautiful memories, preserve them and relive them. Haven’t we heard people ruing about the paucity of time to meet old friends, visiting their parents, spending time with kids, pursuing that hobby! It is all in the mind. Prioritise and re-churn your work-life balance. You cannot afford to miss that retirement day of your father, your parents’ golden jubilee anniversary, your first anniversary, first smile of your baby and many more moments yet to arrive. So, there is a dire need to start living life and strike the right stability between relationships and work.

A few pointers to strike the perfect chord in managing this delicate balance:

1. Prioritise: The most essential factor is to get your priorities right. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity in this. If your kid has a parent’s meet, get on with it. Let him feel that he holds great importance in your life. Office meetings can be always be rescheduled or substituted.

2. Set realistic targets: Goals are a must. There is no success without vision. But what most people tend to overlook is their being pragmatic and reasonable. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on your poor self to accomplish a goal which is unattainable. Your boss is already there to screw your life!

3. Realise your worth: Aren’t we iniquitous in expecting respect and recognition from people when we ourselves don’t do it. Self-realisation is the key to success. Only you can tell how proficient you are since there would be umpteen out there to tell you what all you cannot do!

4. Stop getting exploited: Just for that one increment or a word of praise, don’t slog urself. Your family is longingly waiting for you back home. Remember, what our beloved Late Dr. Kalam said, ”Love your job but don’t love your company because you may not know when your company stops loving you”. Horne your skills instead of being a sycophant. You will get all the success if you deserve it.

5. Spend time with family, not your gadgets: Once you are back home after a long day, try spending time with your family. Your kids might have ample stories to tell you, your spouse may want to share something. An innocent smile on your kid’s face will instantly enliven you from weariness.

6. Religiously plan family vacations: Family vacations are a must. Not only it de-stresses you but also provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with your family. You tend to spend quality time with your loved ones and the bond grows stronger than ever. Don’t indulge with your gadgets while on vacation to invite your wife’s fury. 😉

7. Connect regularly with friends: What is life without friends! Friends are those partners in crime who are even dearer than blood relations. Arrange frequent meet ups, occasional get-togethers, remain update with events happening in their lives, for asking a married friend to get married will not only invite his wrath but his wife’s too. 😛

8. Do something good: Life is meant to be lived. But who said only for yourself. Enjoy the joy of giving. Nothing can be more soothing than bringing smiles on desolate faces. Spend time in orphanage, old age homes, help the destitute, educate the illiterate. The satisfaction and blessings that you get in return is un-parellel.

9. Fulfill that dream: You live only once! Let that dream see the light. Realising your dream could be taxing but don’t stop working towards it. In case you need to slog in initial years, so be it. Go to Himalayas, a night out at Vegas, shopping spree at Singapore, a romantic holiday at Paris, a visit to Burj Khalifa or a retreat to any place of solace. Whatever you dream for, strive to attain it.

10. Stay happy and contented: Always remember you have been sent on this planet to make the world a better place to live. And as you know, charity begins at home. In order to spread smile and happiness across miles, it’s important to feel just that! Smile, for your never know, it may be the reason of someone’s happiness.

So folks, start living your life. Life is a white canvas. It is our prerogative to add color to it and accentuate its beauty. Add more hues of love, happiness, contentment, purity, innocence, laughter and generosity since nothing is more enthralling than that dazzling rainbow.

About the author

Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.


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