Judas Journey: Part I


It’s 2.00 PM, Tanya is sitting on a bench in the Court. She’s wearing a beautiful pink and gold lehenga. Her heena-dyed hands and shimmering jewelry are all in place. She is looking the prettiest bride ever. Tanya is a beautiful, confident, loving, free-spirited and an ambitious girl, but today she is really nervous and anxious.

She’s marrying her childhood best friend Veer today. Their relationship went through lots of ups and downs, but finally, she is here, to register their marriage. They both, being strictly against the pompous wedding rituals decided to keep it simple, followed by a closed family reception. She is waiting anxiously for Veer, a smart, caring, mature, understanding and a lively guy. He’ll be here any moment and they will be married for life.


Veer and Tanya knew each other since the time they were five. Studied in the same school and graduated from the same engineering college, both were childhood friends. After more than two decades of friendship, they shared an unbreakable bond.

During college days, Tanya’s personality and excellence in studies, always made her attractive. No wonder the guys wanted to talk to her and be friends with her. Many times she landed in awkward situations when a random guy would come up with a rose or go down on his knees to propose her. Being highly ambitious, career was her first priority. She always kept herself away from these distractions. Exams were near and these things were bothering her, making her lose her concentration in studies. Veer sensed her worry.

“What’s wrong Tani? Why do you look so stressed” concerned Veer asked.
“It’s getting on my nerves, Veer. These guys keep lurking around me. I just can’t concentrate on studies. I have to miss my classes, just to avoid these part time Romeo’s” Tanya shrugged.
“Don’t worry, I am there Tani, you need not be scared of these fools”, Veer assured her.
“I know Veer, but we need to do something about it”, Tanya huffed.
“Like what”, asked Veer.
“I have a plan, but I need your support”, Tanya chuckled.
“Shoot”, curious Veer said.
“We will spread the news that both of us are dating each other. This will probably silence these Romeo’s”, Tanya suggested.
“But how can we..”, an amazed Veer exclaimed.
“Oh! Come on Veer, it’s just a matter of few years. Please I need your help”, teary-eyed Tanya pleaded.
“Okay, stop behaving like a baby. Anything for my best friend”, Veer agreed and hugged her.

Everyone accepted that Veer and Tanya were in a relationship; they were so good together. The Romeo’s were heartbroken (well yeah) but maintained a distance from Tanya. Remaining three years of engineering passed by and they graduated with excellent grades. Things moved as per the plan. Tanya’s plan, precisely. But what came unplanned, was Veer’s feelings for Tanya. Somewhere between pretending, to be her boyfriend and protecting her, Veer started falling for her.

Soon after college, Veer joined his family business and Tanya started preparing for MBA. In the meanwhile, Veer thought maybe his feelings for Tanya were mere infatuation and after being engrossed in business, it will eventually fade away. Within no time he comprehended that he was deceiving his emotions. Tanya was always on his mind. She was the only one he always wanted. Her presence made him feel plenary. Her smile was like a prayer for him. Each and every word from her mouth felt like a melody to him. Her happiness made him forget his problems. She was his life. He loved her. Yes, he did. He endeavored many times, to let Tanya know what he felt for her, but couldn’t gather the courage.

“Veer Veer Veer, just stop being a chicken, tell her you fool”, his inner voice scolded him.
“How will I do this? What if she refuses?”
“Grrrr, just stop it Veer, you have to tell her”
“Yeah! Bingo, I will pen down my emotions and send it to her”
“Instead of a pigeon, the internet will deliver my love letter to her”
“Sounds filmy, but I can’t help it”

After fighting with himself, Veer poured his heart out, said everything he always wanted to tell Tanya and hit the send button. He waited the entire night to know if Tanya felt the same. Her message never came. Veer was sad, hurt and thought that Tanya might be so furious that she’ll never talk to him again. Lost in his thoughts, he saw Tanya standing in front of him. He looked at her startled, couldn’t figure out if she was real or he was day dreaming.

“Veer, I need to talk to you”, came her sweet voice and broke his trance.
“Tani, I..” was all he could say when she hushed him.
“I read you mail” she said, his heart skipped a beat.
“I am so lucky Veer that you love me so much. What all you said to me is every girl’s dream. But I’m confused at the moment. I know we are not just friends, there’s more to it. Can you give me some time, please. Moreover, I have my competitive exams and you know how much I want to pursue MBA. Let’s not make it difficult.” she said.
There was silence for a few minutes. Veer was trying to register what all she said.
“Veer” she choked on the verge of tears.
“Tani please don’t cry. I can wait for you an entire lifetime. I understand your career is extremely important. We will discuss this, only when you want.” Veer assured her.

The days passed by Veer and Tanya were the same old friends. At least Veer faked it, because once you start loving someone, it becomes really difficult to come back. Still, he had hope, that maybe someday, Tanya will confess her love and they will be together forever. Hope! It kills you at times. 🙁

Tanya got selected in an overseas University and she had to leave within a month to pursue MBA. Her parents were somehow unwilling to let her go. But she made Veer to convince her parents, he also helped her by paying a major part of her course fees. He loved her so much that he did every possible thing to make her happy. She finally left for two long years.

——end of part one——

Hello dear readers, since this is the end of part one of the story, what do you feel will happen with Veer and Tanya? Will this distance make Tanya recognize her love for Veer? Or as they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’ their relationship will eventually decay. Please share your views via comments here or reach out to me directly at

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