Judas Journey: Part II


The Judas Journey Part I, witnessed the story of childhood friends Tanya and Veer. As the scene unfolds, Tanya is waiting for Veer to arrive at the court so that they can register their marriage. Reliving the past, we discovered, Veer fell in love with Tanya. She being an ambitious girl, persuaded him to give her some time so that she could focus on her career and left abroad for pursuing MBA. Let’s find out what happens next.

PAST Continues

Initially, daily video conferencing kept them close, despite of being miles away. Slowly the video chat reduced to once a week and eventually, it became shorter and shorter. Almost a year passed by, but for the past three months Veer could only talk twice with her. He missed her a lot. Everything used to remind him of her. His life was incomplete without her presence.

One day Veer received a message from Tanya, he couldn’t wait to talk to her. Hurriedly he opened the chat screen. It said, “Hey, there’s a surprise for you” along with an image. The image loaded, there she was standing, wearing a lovely white off-shoulder gown, black curly locks kissing her beautiful face, her red lips forming into a mesmerizing smile. She looked like an angel. After a few minutes, some more images cropped up. Veer realised that there was someone else in the photographs. A guy in black tuxedo, standing very close to Tanya, his hand wrapped around her waist (the proximity bothered Veer). Finally, his eyes rested on a gleaming solitaire on her ring finger. The caption said, “Meet my boyfriend, James”.

Shivers ran through his body, feet trembled, the room started spinning, leaving him cold and aghast. The sand castles he had made were swept away by an obnoxious high tide. With blurred vision and shaking fingers, he wrote, “Congratulations” and snapped his phone on the wall.

How could she do this, something died inside Veer. He did every possible thing for Tanya and was waiting all this while, for her. Dreaming of leading ‘a happily ever after’ life. He felt robbed, broken and clueless. He had never imagined his life without Tanya, his Tani.

Six months passed by, Veer didn’t contact Tanya since that day. Also avoided her calls and messages, though she rarely contacted him. One midnight he received a call from her, but he ignored it. She called again, and he kept on ignoring. He received a text message, it was from her.

“I need to talk to you Veer; for God’s sake, please answer my call just once” read her message.
He called her.
“Hello Tanya”, he couldn’t call her Tani after all she did.
“What happened Tanya? Are you ok? Say something you are freaking me out!” Veer asked worried.
“Veer I am sorry, I ditched you for James. But today I realized he was using me. I am such a fool, I trusted him and fell into his trap.” Tanya cried.
She narrated the entire story of how James dumped her.
“Be strong Tanya and stop crying. You can’t let a person ruin you. What happened cannot be undone. You have to move on.” Veer consoled her.
“Will you forgive me?” she pleaded.
After a long pause, he said “I will, just finish your course and come back”.

After completing her MBA, Tanya came back. Initially there was a constriction between them. Veer couldn’t forget all that happened. Gradually, Tanya’s constant apologies and reasons for making that mistake, melted his heart and he forgave her. They were same old best friends. Tanya realized her love for Veer and confessed it to him. It was the most beautiful day of his life. He always wanted to hear those golden words from her.

Soon their families fixed their wedding. Everyone was so happy for them. Veer and Tanya made a perfect couple.


Tanya is waiting anxiously for Veer. He’ll be here any moment and they’ll be married for life. It was 3.00 pm. Veer didn’t turn up. He is not taking their calls. Tanya is getting stressed with every passing second. Why is he not here yet? Is he alright? Myriad questions flooded her mind. It is 5.00 p.m. still no one knew his whereabouts.
Tanya couldn’t control her tears. Suddenly her phone flashed a message. It was from Veer. It read.

“How are you feeling at this moment Tanya. Shattered. Betrayed. Clueless. I also went through all these emotions and you are the sole reason behind them. Moreover, you did this to me not once, but twice.”
Tanya’s heart skipped a beat at this.
“The day you apologized to me, I forgave you with all my heart. I thought we will mark a new beginning.” Tears filled her eyes.
“Until a week ago. When by mistake, I read your mails” Tanya’s eyes were wide open.
“You are not only in contact with James but are also reconsidering your relationship with him. I read everything. You cheated on me.”
“I could have called off the wedding that very day. But no, you deserve this. You deserve punishment, for your betrayal. You need to know what humiliation is.” Tanya couldn’t breathe.
“You were the only women, I loved my entire life and you are the only women, I will hate until my last breath. I hate you, Tanya. I am going away from you and your games, forever.”
Tanya couldn’t believe what she just read. For the first time she knew what betrayal was.
“I am sorry Veer”, Tanya cried.
“Please come back”

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