4 ways to kick-start a productive day

Productive breakfast

Wise men have said” How we start our day determines how the rest of our day goes”. How true it is! We all have experienced that if you go to bed late, hit the snooze button ‘n’ number of times, roll out of bed grudgingly to get stuck in traffic jams ending up being late for work determines how the rest of your day will go. Your productivity suffers at the hands of your laziness and indolence. Jim Rohn famously said, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

We, millennials, are scores apart from being aware about what our ideal mornings should be like and what should be the first things to do when we wake up. Instead we neglect ourselves and much needed self-pampering that is quintessential in the mornings to set the tune up for an exciting and successful day. Unfortunately, we let our work, other people and technology rule our mornings leaving no scope for self-indulgence.

Though I am no expert in this domain, yet I am summarizing the easiest ways that we can inculcate in our daily routines to have a more productive beginning to our day:

1. Stay away from social media: It know it is tough, in fact impossible for a few not to check their Whatsapp, Facebook or email accounts but I assure that it will completely shock you with the freedom that you would enjoy over time. It is good to be tech savvy but destroying your ‘me time’ with what people want you to do is not fruitful at all. A few forwarded messages, your friend’s holiday update, your bosses’ to do list will cluster you and leave your brain gasping for breath. Beginning of the day should be done with self-introspection and setting the tone right for the day ahead.

2. Have a healthy breakfast: It is always stated, ”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. There are many studies which show that children and teens benefit immensely from a good and healthy breakfast. These kids have greater IQ and outperform others. So maybe our dadi maa’s conventional wisdom isn’t over stated. Having a proper breakfast is what is required- stay away from fried, greasy stuff-consume more of eggs, toast, fruits and cereal. Replace your tea/coffee for a large glass of warm lemon water with a teaspoon of turmeric or honey. Lemon juice is known to be a great detoxifier. The energy and kick that this healthy breakfast would give will enable you to perform outstandingly well throughout the day.

3. Work on yourself before starting off with work: Find a routine that suits you well and execute that routine religiously every morning. Work upon yourself-meditate, work out, read good stuff, spend valuable time with your family. When you give your well-being more importance than your work, you not only will begin to evolve as a human being, but will experience paramount levels of happiness, drastically reduced stress, anxiety and other negative emotions that prevent us from having a peaceful and healthy mind. Working on ourselves is something that we unfortunately forget to do in this arduous and strenuous world. Remember, when you win the morning, you win the day since it sets the tone of the time ahead.

4. Plan your timetable: Don’t let lack of planning ruin and strangulate you. Before starting off with the day, plan the activities that you have to carry on with the rest of the day so that things take shape automatically leaving you feel less clustered and frustrated. Make sure that you leave room for some unplanned and uncertain activities that will confront you. Stay away from procrastinating things, be a doer rather than a dreamer. When you take charge of the things your way, you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for starting off like a true winner.

Instead of bantering about rigid morning routines, I wanted to share these easy practices that have added great value to my mornings and life. They are simple to follow but bear fruits only when you religiously follow them. So let’s take the remote control of the day in our hands and get ready to experience pure joy with a more productive and fruitful day.

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