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#Mission1Million – Feeding a Million people this Independence

Mission One Million

Even though India is experiencing incredible development in almost all sectors of economy, education, health, sports still, there are millions of unfortunate people in our country who go to bed with incurable pangs of hunger. But this Independence Day, Robin Hood Army – a renowned NGO that works to get surplus food from restaurants and circulates to the needy and downtrodden, is on a massive mission to feed around One Million poor and underprivileged both across the borders of India and Pakistan. Only a noble effort like this could have brought the staunch enemies to work collaterally.

Named after the glorified notorious yet generous character Robin Hood, the NGO aims tirelessly to eliminate food wastage and hunger not by stealing but just channelizing the surplus food. It’s been three years since 2014 and the two co-founder ‘Robins’ as they call themselves, have successfully been joined by a team of over 10,000! They have now served food to 2.1 million people across 41 cities in 10 countries and they proclaim ‘they have just started’.

Let’s know a bit more about their noble cause of #Mission1Million.

During our search for the mission, we stumbled upon some nastily scary data: In India, every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger, and this hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, Malaria and terrorism combined. We have over 230 million citizens between India and Pakistan alone who sleep hungry every night.

Through this ‘largest war against hunger’ – as the Robin Hood Army calls it, aims to bring together and garner the laid back civil society and mighty corporates to feed one million hungry people this Independence Day in both India and Pakistan.

“As the youth of our nation, it is imperative that we take the onus, stop blaming the state for everything, and use our skills and collective network to make a real difference,” said Aarushi Batra, co-founder of the Robin Hood Army in one of her recent interviews.

This mission brings people from all caste, religion, and nationality together to work towards such a benevolent cause. #Mission1Million has provided a platform for the youth to create an omnipresent impact and pave the path for future generations to act rather than react.

“Today, all our success is completely dedicated to the love from the Indian community. Tying up with Robin Hood Army gave us an opportunity to give a little something to the community and be associated with this noble cause.” says Manu Jain, Managing Director of Xiaomi India which has joined them as a national partner and will be providing meals for 500,000 citizens across India. Bollywood celebrities are not behind in registering their support for the success of this massive mission. Farhan Akhtar recently came out with an appealing video urging people to come out in support of this cause.

Let not this opportunity slip by and go ahead to become a part of history by serving humanity to the core! After all, spreading happiness will illuminate the world more than Diwali crackers!!

Now who can resist that. Comment here if you’re joining the army too! #Mission1Million #RobinHoodArmy

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