Experiencing heights of indecisiveness? You are not alone!


It is expected of us to take quick decisions, follow our gut feeling and blah blah but is it that simple? Not really! Taking decisions is pivotal to our daily lives. From deciding what time to wake up, what to cook for breakfast, what to wear, going out on a date with the right person, there’s so much to decide, every single day. But indecisiveness is something that we are born with. Not our fault!

There are people who are quick decision-makers but there are also those who fail miserably at it! For such people, deciding anything is a nightmare, a battle they are sure to lost. Their perpetual bewildered minds wander off at the remotest possibility of making a decision? It seems like trekking to Mount Everest. That’s so much me 😛

Here is a list of things that will describe my dilemma:

• Our daily battle starts with getting ready for office. With the almirah full of clothes, it is a daunting task to choose one. We are not to be blamed for this indecisiveness.

• Coming to breakfast! I am a big foodie who enjoys from Poha to omelette to pakoris to poori sabzi. Managing the kitchen is a big headache. You want to have poha but onion is not there. Your husband loves omelette but your mother asks you to avoid eggs on TTS. Isnt it obvious that we will get confused?

Uploading pictures on social media can be an uphill task. Locking the perfect picture, using the best filter, coming up with wittiest caption is tedious.

Ordering at a restaurant. Another battle to be won. You are long craving for that big slice of pizza but the person sitting at the adjacent table is relishing a hot Chola Bhatura. Your partner wants to have Indian and you always love having chinese. Now tell me, what should we order?

Shopping doesn’t come to us as a stress buster but a stress inducing thing. What color to choose, which style is in, whether I am looking like an elephant in this.. God help me! I wish I had my best friend with me right now.

• Please excuse me if we forget to surprise you with gifts or present an envelope of cash! When we suck such big time for choosing for ourselves, I know you would be wise enough to not trust our gifting abilities.

Getting stuck between two set of friends partying on the same day is like choosing between pizza and pasta. You want to have both but you end up ordering none.

Google Maps may have made others life easier but not us! What is the need for showing alternate routes. Show one! Sometimes choices spoil us.

Choosing your soul mate is something that every girl desires but people like us want an affirmation or consent from a person to second us. After all, it is life’s most important decision. Our indecisiveness hits us hard at this moment.

Getting ready for parties needs at-least three hours, getting ready hours not included. We have to try everything and match it with the accessories ending up usually disappointed and leaving for the party with a dress which we end up hating.

These are some of my confusing moments which leave me baffled and puzzled at times. Let me know what’s yours in comments below.

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Amrita Agrawal

Amrita is a finance professional, a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with more than half a decade of work-experience. She is an avid reader and keen to be a full-time blogger.

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