Looking for instant fame? Try these!

Instant recognition

Long things short – I am referring to being talked about – did I utter ‘famous’? Hell, no! Get some life guys! All you want to have is get instant fame! Seems, you all forgot our favourite ‘Dhinchak Pooja’. Do something that is not expected of you and enjoy moments of being in the limelight. As they say” Think out of the box!”

1. Farting in the public will definitely make heads turn.

2. Getting the ring tone of Dhinchak Pooja will make people swoon over you for your song choice.

3. Wearing leather jackets in summers will get you instant news coverage.

4. Dressing up in formals in a Halloween Party will make you instantly famous.

5. Go and confess in public that you once dated Rakhi Sawant.

6. Admit that you enjoy Rajma and Kadi more with Roti rather than rice for enjoying all the eyes on you.

7. Let hold of a local newspaper journalist and pass on the news that ”Baba Ram Rahim once visited a club and you have a few pictures to share”.

8. Confess “You are having bouts of depression after securing 98% for you wanted 98.5%”.

9. What about a rumour that your leaking wall adjacent to a temple is emitting milk. Godly intervention.

10. You passed on chicken to your mother as paneer and your black eye would be hard to hide.

11. Blurt about your relationship in front of your neighbour and you will be the talk of the town.

12. Update your relationship status from ’Single’ to ‘ In a relationship’.

13. Get inspired from the likes of “Sonam Gupta bewafa hai” and creatively blend your name.

14. Upload a negative post about any politician and the entire media will be running behind to interview you.

15. Update your status to “Currently at 50th level of Blue Whale game”.

PS: The above is just intended for fun. No inspiration to be drawn from above for the debacle will be entirely yours. Do let us know what other ways can instantly bring you in news.

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Pritam Rastogi

Part time student, full-time blogger. Passionate about conquering the world through his writings!


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