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Positive Aura

Negative thoughts are like those unwanted rats and mosquitoes in our house that sneak uninvited and bring a plethora of other problems along. There’s no reason to allow pessimistic self-critical views to conclude how you perceive the rest of your day.

Negative thoughts are pretty sneaky. They often start out getting unnoticed, but then they in no time build on other negative thoughts to create a vicious circle of negativity which totally enslaves a person. The more we allow our negative thoughts wander our mind without interruption, the more powerful and fierce they will become.

Studies say that negative thoughts come with their warning signs – self criticism on petty issues, getting melancholy for no reason, self loathing, constant comparison with peers, etc. As soon as you discover the advent of any of these signs-stop right there! If a person can get aware of the increasing clutches of these negative thoughts, he can get better at nixing them off, enjoy more time to experiment effective strategies, improve the ability to communicate your emotions to near ones and finally take healthy decisions. Look out for signs like binge eating, incense crying, hair picker, nail biter, impulsive buyer etc.

Let us try to understand what causes these thoughts to advance and how to keep them at bay:


Procrastination: Be an executioner. Don’t pile up your work to stop your brain from reminding you repetitively about the to-do-list.

Inferiority Complex: Understand what makes you feel lesser than other people. If it is something beyond your might, just accept it and let it go! Nothing can be more important than this beautiful life.

Un-utilised brain: Brain is a powerhouse. Try to bend it towards productivity else it will automatically start bending towards the pessimistic side which will slowly take over.

Bad habits/company: Stay away from chores/people which make you feel less worthy or guilty. Every person has a conscience and whether you accept it or not, it stays in your mind in case you indulge in any wrong activity which your heart doesn’t allow.


Identify the cause: The primary reason is to understand what causes it, its frequency and the circumstances in which it occurs. If we are able to locate these subtle signs, we can better anticipate the methods to deal with them.

Notice the trigger: Try to identify the trigger. It could be certain set of people, a particular time of the day or a certain place. Their proactive realization can enable us to locate the method to address those people or issues in some effective day to wander off the negativity around.

Surround yourself with optimism: get hold of people/videos/self help books which instill that feeling of self love and positivity in you. Trust me, happiness and contentment is infectious, you just need to be receptive of it with open heart.

Engage your Brain: Develop a hobby which acts as a catalyst to break the monotony of the routine life. A person without hobby is like a body without soul. Studies suggest that hobbies enable the brain to secrete the happy chemicals which instantly wanes off all the negativity.

Constant Improvement: The world is highly dynamic and we cannot afford to get complacent or static. Keep on constantly honing your skills and excel in your chores. Success and appreciation is the best medicine.

Be a philanthropist: Philanthropy is not limited to millionaires. Each one of us can contribute in our own ways by donating, teaching poor children, helping the needy etc. The joy of illuminating the life of needy people is priceless.

Copy your idol: Don’t just copy the habits they exhibit after achieving it but the ones which made them successful. Step in their shoes, face their struggles, live their dreams, put in the effort and then the success will not be far away.

Maintain your uniqueness: Remember you are one of your kind. There is no one like you in this world. Enjoy that exclusivity from the rest of the crowd and never undermine your individuality be unnecessarily comparing yourself with others.

Remember guys, it’s all in the mind and the mind is in our control. Let us not allow it roam scott free and harm us in return. Take the gear of your life in your hands and live a happy and healthy life.

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