15 things we wish we start doing today and everyday!


Wish.. dream.. motivation.. execution.. perseverance.. these are indeed heavy words. But why to forget there is only one life and why should we entangle ourselves with ruthless whims and fancies. I am enlisting 15 things that I have been wishing for since ages to start doing every morning but end up going to bed empty handed and perturbed for being highly unsuccessful in it. Hope you guys can show me some light through this dark tunnel in which I have been stuck for years :

1. Setting up the alarm for sharp 6:00 AM and snoozing it relentlessly till its 8 and I am already running late for office. ๐Ÿ™

2. Promising myself that I will start working out for having a healthy body and mind.

3. Sleeping on time is something that I have been trying for years but the damned sleep only strikes during office hours.

4. Deciding what to wear for office is a daunting task and mostly ending up choosing the un-ironed clothes make things worse.

5. Deciding to have a light breakfast to have a healthy start to the day but ending up having nothing at all.

6. Meditation is something that only God can help me out with. My mind is like a Pandora box. The minute I try to cut it off, it goes to the wander in open forest ๐Ÿ˜›

7. Always trying to reach office on time and be as productive as possible but who can regulate the traffic.

8. Feeling dehydrated? How often I feel so.. countless times but having 8-10 glasses of water seems an uphill task.

9. Getting rid of that fat belly but quitting or reducing binging on junk food but no to avail.

10. Reducing time on social media to be more productive still remain social. If any one of you can manage both, you are a magician.

11. Learning to pursue some new hobby or restart with the old ones but who has the time!

12. Reading those books which are enduring dust on my bookshelf since many days. I keep telling them, will read you soon ๐Ÿ˜›

13. Talking to a new person is a great habit and builds up contacts but we are too busy to accommodate the existing people in our circle. Seems an impossible task to me.

14. Will be more patient and organised in our office but the daily hustles and tussles of life has snatched that virtue.

15. I will quit being an impulsive shopper but the desire and the countless alluring offers get the better of me.

If you have any of these wishes which are getting the better of you, do share with us for that solace. If you know how to fulfil them, God bless you! You are the inspiration I have been looking for. Comments below!

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