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6 ways to deal with anxiety issues at work


Work pressure can create anxiety! When you are stressed, anxiety shows up to say, Hi. But you should be the one to identify and find ways of dealing with the worst! Getting stressed and letting anxiety take over your soul will only lead to unnecessary stress and frustration ultimately effecting your personal life. And none of us want that! Let’s have a look at six ways which can help you get through all the anxiety.

Be aware of the feeling!

First of all, you should know that there is nothing wrong with anxiety! Anyone can go through such situations and there is nothing abnormal about it. When you feel you are under anxiety’s control; instead of struggling to escape from the situation which will make the condition worse, just accept it! Do not run away from the feeling, but embrace it and be aware!

Know and push your limits

Many of us try to run away from situations that lead to anxiety! Face them. For instance, working under tight deadlines when you know the work you are doing is un-achievable in the given/committed timeline, face it and make it happen. If you feel anxious, it’s okay! This will only help you achieve excellence. In future, you’ll learn how to work even better and smarter, no matter what!

Relax and give time to yourself

Staying calm and composed is critical to achieving anything in life. And to balance both work and life, you should continuously find ways to relax your mind too. Exercise, jog, practice yoga, breathe more, sleep enough, say no to drugs, and last but not the least – make these a habit!

Eat healthy

Good nutrition can do wonders to your body and mind. Always eat healthy! A balanced diet is all you need.

Take regular breaks

Your brain and body need breaks! Regular short breaks can help you perform even better at work. We tend to think that taking breaks affect productivity. However, when you take short but regular breaks, your mind and body relaxes to divert focus for a while which, in turn, leads to sound and progressive working of our brain!

Seek Help

Everything is not always in your hands! Trying is the key, when you see things going out of your hands and everything around you seems too messed up, seek professional help! You might not know or believe, but they are experienced and can guide you about your condition and the measures to take to control extreme anxiety.

“Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.” – Tim Fargo.

Embrace anxiety with an open mind and let the fear not overcome. Try these tips and let me know in comments how you feel.

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